Hardware - Panasonic CF73

Nevermore - 16.05.2006, 11:54 Uhr
Titel: Panasonic CF73
Hi all
i succesfully installed kanotix on my Cf73, i had some problems at the beginning, i had to disable the touchscreen, but now with the new xorg everything works fine..
unfortunately the touchscreen is not supported, and the laptop doesn't go in sleep-suspend mode..
and of course the hotkeys don't work..
i was able to set up hotkeys for changing the volume but i am unable to find the ones for brightness, in fact i couldn't find any brightness control in kde!
beside that, i was wondering if is possible to enable sleep suspend mode (i did enable in kde but doesn't work) and the cpu throttle (which i enabled but i am not sure it is actually working)..
how can i check if the throttle is working and how can i make suspend to ram and sleep mode work?
i also wish that the touchscreen works and that when i take out the plug so the lap goes on battery the brightness automagically reduce like in winxp..
Nevermore - 24.05.2006, 16:31 Uhr
Titel: Panasonic CF73
i tried ubuntu just a few mins ago, even if it is still a beta it enables suspend and sleep mode, and also the cpu throttle mode..
i was hoping someone had more luck in enabling it on kanotix..
Kano - 24.05.2006, 16:36 Uhr
Titel: Panasonic CF73
Install an "up" marked kernel.
Nevermore - 24.05.2006, 18:04 Uhr
Titel: Panasonic CF73
thanks kano.
would this be suitable?
Nevermore - 25.05.2006, 12:43 Uhr
i did install the up kernel..
unfortunately the performance settings shows only userspace still..
and the cpu throttle shows far more steps than the 5 available with my cpu.
moreover suspend locks up when i try to wake..so i need to poweroff from the button to recover control of the system..
seems is not working at all..
beside that i get too low battery duration..with winzoze i am able to run for around 4 hours, with kanotix, 2.3hours max...
assasukasse - 23.10.2006, 11:34 Uhr
well, i am tired of ubuntu now..
i need to make it work!
i learn more things in ubuntu that maybe can help:
first of all suspend hangs if pcmcia and pcmcia_core are not blacklisted
if they are it is possible to suspend for around 10-20 mins, for longer, it hangs anyway and i couldn't find why.
hotkey and brightness change was perfect on dapper, using pcc_acpi module, it even sensed when i switch from ac to battery and change my brightness as well as my cpu governor.
i found the best governor is ondemand, this gives me good battery duration and performance, second is powersave, but locks the cpu speed at minimum, good for long battery duration.
on edgy eft nothing of this works, no hotkeys no brightness change...i forced pcc_acpi load but got no effect, screen is not recognized so no brightness change..
I have now a new installation of RC4 on my lap, is empty, so i can try everything to make it work w/o fearing to break it..
If someone wants to help i will be glad to try!
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