Software - Can't run OpenGL screensaver...

firehydra2k - 22.05.2006, 02:21 Uhr
Titel: Can't run OpenGL screensaver...
I've apt-getted some opengl screensavers, and wanted to run the Euphoria one. Problem is is that the animation is really jumpy.

Anyone know a way to fix it?
eco2geek - 22.05.2006, 06:35 Uhr
Do have a graphics card/driver that enables accelleration? For example, an nVidia card with the nvidia driver (not the "nv" driver)?
firehydra2k - 23.05.2006, 00:02 Uhr
I don't have a Nvidia card. It's more like an Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller.

Yeah,it's an integrated video card, and I can't really configure it to do anything.
mdmarmer - 23.05.2006, 01:46 Uhr
Are you using the i810 driver?

What is the output of
glxinfo | grep OpenGL

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