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Joliemome - 23.05.2006, 19:17 Uhr
Titel: KLIK 64 Alternative ???
BRAND NEW to Linux and need advise.....
1st off, after trying 8 different Linux distros Kanotix64 is by far the best and I thank you for making this for us.

Klik is not working on my newly installed Kanotix64.
Can anyone suggest an app that works the same (i.e. simple and user-friendly)
or Teach me how to use an app that I can use to download new apps?

Also, (Really Newbie alert here) how do I open a donloaded program?
I tried to download Thunderbird (current) and just don't know yet how to open these.
The following extensions are the ones I need to know for now :
.gz, .bz2, .tar .

Thank you,
I know I have to start somewhere and I hope to Learn this "Linux stuff" well enough to help others out too someday.

Patience is Appreciated
mzilikazi - 24.05.2006, 04:53 Uhr
You need apt. It's a command line tool used for installing packages to a Debian based system. There are graphical frontends for apt like Synaptic & Kpackage. You must provide the root password to use either of these applications. Read more about it in the manual.

You will eventually get to know apt very well. The packages once installed should be available from the menu but you can also just type the name of the executable in a shell. So, to install Thunderbird you do this:
apt-get update
apt-get install thunderbird

Now as USER not root type the name of the application in a shell

*NOTE* Sometimes application binaries do not have the name you would expect them to have. You can also use Synaptic or Kpackage to install Thunderbird.

Files with .gz, .bz2, .tar extensions are just compressed archives not much different than .zip files. You just need an (un)archiver to decompress them. Kanotix has a little tool called unp so it makes it easy.
unp file.bz2

Your filemanager (konqueror?) likely has some capability to do this as well with a graphical menu.

Welcome to Linux. Smilie
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