Anything goes - New computer, old installation

michael7 - 23.05.2006, 23:07 Uhr
Titel: New computer, old installation
I couldn't help myself. I heard about the new dual core processors and decided I had to have one. So, I had a local computer shop build me a new Linux box with an AMD Athlon 64-bit X2 Dual-Core Processor. Jeez, it's even faster than I had anticipated. The bigger surprise, however, is my Kanotix installation.

I merely removed the hard drive from my old computer with an AMD 64-bit single core processor, put it in the new computer and presto-- everything works! Different motherboard, different processor and I did not have to reinstall anything. I'm not sure that's doable with a M$ OS.
Crust - 23.05.2006, 23:31 Uhr
Titel: RE: New computer, old installation
It depends, but most of the time, it's not doable with Windows. You have to repair the installation or install the motherboard, hard drive controller drivers before moving the hard drive.

h2 - 23.05.2006, 23:51 Uhr
Titel: RE: New computer, old installation
I've never had it work with ms windows, although it will work on rare occasions, but even then it's risky because internally windows never really adapts.

Good to hear about the dual core thing too, the speed difference is stunning, I just made one of those last week, but, sadly, not for me, for a client... Traurig

Incredibly fast, especially on very large calculations, like opening massive powerpoint presentations, 150 mB, with tons of images. Sadly xp is main os on box, though I squeezed in kanotix just to have it on there.

Of course now I'm tempted to switch to dual core amd from my single core amd, but I can't really justify it in terms of performance since the single core is already really good, and most of my stuff is just code, I rarely run the box at 100%, and even then it all runs fine multitasking, but dual core it would be running I'd guess maybe 80% on one core, 5% on the other during those types of jobs.

Plus SATA II, don't make the mistake of going dual core without also going dual channel ddr and sata II hard drives.
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