Software - artsd keeps crashing

craigevil - 27.05.2006, 03:49 Uhr
Titel: artsd keeps crashing
Following updates today artsd keeps crashing, unfortunately I don't seem to get a backtrace to see why.

How do I set it up so I get a backtrace?

Not having sound is going to get really annoying soon.

Anyone else getting this problem?

I am running Easter RC4 with most of the updates.
craigevil - 27.05.2006, 04:52 Uhr
Titel: artsd keeps crashing
Ok got the backtrace but I have no idea what it says.

Using host libthread_db library "/lib/tls/libthread_db.so.1".
[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
[New Thread -1218798976 (LWP 3093)]
[KCrash handler]
#3 0xb796942d in snd_pcm_hw_param_set_near () from /usr/lib/libasound.so.2
#4 0xb795e92b in snd_pcm_hw_params_set_rate_near ()
from /usr/lib/libasound.so.2
#5 0xb7e59bc9 in Arts::AudioIOALSA::setPcmParams (this=0x8088698,
pcm=0x8096960) at audioioalsa9.cc:543
#6 0xb7e5a15f in Arts::AudioIOALSA::open (this=0x8088698)
at audioioalsa9.cc:191
#7 0xb7e55009 in Arts::AudioSubSystem::open (this=0x8079588)
at audiosubsys.cc:372
#8 0xb7e551f2 in Arts::AudioSubSystem::check (this=0x8079588)
at audiosubsys.cc:352
#9 0x0805bdc6 in main (argc=16, argv=0xbffc5644) at artsd.cc:295
#10 0xb7bb2eb0 in __libc_start_main () from /lib/tls/libc.so.6
#11 0x08053e11 in _start () at ../sysdeps/i386/elf/start.S:119
stryder - 27.05.2006, 07:12 Uhr
Titel: RE: artsd keeps crashing
Take a look at the sticky in General Support.
eco2geek - 27.05.2006, 07:18 Uhr
Same thing happened on a computer of mine that's got an AC'97 chip. (The one that has the Audigy didn't suffer this problem.)

Setting the audio device in KControl to "Open Sound System" solved the problem for now.

<edit> Scratch that, it crashes the computer to hardware reset when the OpenGL screensaver kicks in. (Now that's something you don't often see on Debian.)

<edit 2> Doesn't look like this has anything to do with artsd hogging the CPU (watching "top" output). Switching to a less intensive screensaver ("Lines") stopped the crash.
jackiebrown - 27.05.2006, 07:40 Uhr
They are trying to gather this info on one thread. It would really help with bug fixing.

hubi - 27.05.2006, 08:55 Uhr
@ jackiebrown

It has nothing to do with the CPU overload. It's a new bug and this thread is ok.

Since dist-upgrade five minutes ago artsd keeps crashing. I have to shut down the sound system otherwise the machine would be not useable because of popping up the crash-warning every three seconds.

Reinstalling the older arts-1.5.2-1 does not help

nemesis - 27.05.2006, 09:08 Uhr
Whoa....same problem here...upgraded, rebooted, and when I came back to the computer had some 100+ (guestimate) crash popups...
hubi - 27.05.2006, 09:10 Uhr
Got it. It's the new libasound2_1.0.11-5

Do as root in init 3
# cd /var/cache/apt/archives/
# dpkg -i libasound2_1.0.11-4_i386.deb

You can also pin this version in /etc/apt/preferences:
Package: libasound2
Pin: version 1.0.11-4
Pin-Priority: 1001


edit: typo
nemesis - 27.05.2006, 09:27 Uhr
that worked...thanx a lot
drb - 27.05.2006, 09:28 Uhr

Thanks, that's 'fixed' it. What does "Pin-Priority:1001" mean?

hubi - 27.05.2006, 09:39 Uhr
drb hat folgendes geschrieben::

What does "Pin-Priority:1001" mean?

This is an option for apt-get.

1001 means: when you do a dist-upgrade, this version of the package is kept, even if there is a newer version available.

makke - 27.05.2006, 09:47 Uhr
Switching to the OSS driver has been the temporary solution.
craigevil - 27.05.2006, 10:14 Uhr
hubi thank you so very much. I have sound again. Smilie
Dieter-MZ - 27.05.2006, 11:20 Uhr
yes, thx to hubi... it works Smilie
craigevil - 27.05.2006, 18:49 Uhr
Ok system sounds and things like XMMS have sound but no games. The first fix left libasound-dev broken, fixing it uninstalled a bout 5 -dev sound packages for things like SDL. How do I get them to reinstall?

I already did the same thing to the libasound2-dev as hubi suggested for libasound , so I have it reinstalled. IS there a list somewhere of packages that have been rmoved?
DeepDayze - 29.05.2006, 19:12 Uhr
latest libasound fixes the artsd breakage, craigevil...so why not grab it?
hubi - 29.05.2006, 19:46 Uhr
Thx DeepDayze, 10 hrs ago the fix was not yet here, libasound2_1.0.11-7 works.

drb - 29.05.2006, 19:47 Uhr
libasound2-1.0.11-6 worked for me initially . . . then ALSA failed to start on a reboot, so I went back to 1.0.11-4.

Ahh . . just seen 1.0.11-7 is now available . . I'll give that a try.

devil - 29.05.2006, 20:25 Uhr
thats kanotix for ya, the package is not even in apt normally, slh fetched it from incoming today.

hubi - 29.05.2006, 20:48 Uhr
Thx devil for this info and many, many thanks to slh. You guys at Kanotix are just the greatest.

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