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2radical - 28.05.2006, 04:07 Uhr
Titel: list-bugs
I went to do a init 3 dist-upgrade & list-bugs showed a lot of grave bugs in what was to be installed so I aborted it. This is the first time I've tried to do a dist-upgrade after installing apt-listbugs. I'm unable to copy & paste in init 3 to show the output, but it looked pretty ominous to me. I'm wondering if others have experience with this.
h2 - 28.05.2006, 04:19 Uhr
Titel: RE: list-bugs
apt-get dist-upgrade | tee errorfile.txt

make path to errorfile.txt be something you know the location of, absolute path that is.

I think that's how you capture the output.

I think, however, that if you could see the known bugs on ANY platform, osx, windows xp, vista, linux, debian, whatever, you'd also see a list of terrifying looking bugs.

Bugs are part of software, and the more complex software gets, the more bugs it tends to have.

It's actually gotten to the point were somebody recently suggested that the linux kernel put a freeze on the next version and just dedicate the next major update/upgrade of the kernel to only bug-fixes.

Keep in mind, you never see public lists of windows bugs, adobe bugs, and so on. And even when you do, those are only the publically known ones.
2radical - 28.05.2006, 07:22 Uhr
Titel: RE: list-bugs
h2: Thanks for the tip to output to a file.
Maybe I should just uninstall apt-listbugs...
devil - 28.05.2006, 07:46 Uhr
Titel: RE: list-bugs
2 radical,
i would, because it just puzzles you, if you dont have much knowledge on the oblected apps.

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