Installation - 2006 Easter-Preview RC4, bootusb2 doesn't work

ozonehole - 05.06.2006, 03:30 Uhr
Titel: 2006 Easter-Preview RC4, bootusb2 doesn't work
I'm trying to install Kanotix 2006 Easter-Preview RC4 to a laptop which has an external USB dvdrom drive. I had no problem with 2005-04 on this machine, but Easter-Preview seems to not recognize the "bootusb2" option. I get this error message:

Welcome to the Kanotix live Linux-on-CD!
Scanning for USB/Firewire devices...done.
Can't find Kanotix filesystem, sorry.
Dropping yo uto a (very limited) shell.
Press reset button to quit.
/static/ash: Can't access tty; job control turned off.

I've seen the message previously on 2005-04 when I forgot to type "bootusb2". But Easter-Preview won't respond to "bootusb2".

I tried one other option, "myconf=scan", but it didn't work either.

I think that perhaps this is a bug.

stars - 11.06.2006, 07:14 Uhr
Titel: RE: 2006 Easter-Preview RC4, bootusb2 doesn
hi, I experinced the same issue with RC4. I think there is some issue with this cheatcode. I have reported in the support section as well.
Yup. Works fine with 2205-04 Smilie
devil - 11.06.2006, 07:18 Uhr
Titel: RE: 2006 Easter-Preview RC4, bootusb2 doesn
search the forum, you need an extra usb-module with RC4

stars - 11.06.2006, 08:00 Uhr
Titel: RE: 2006 Easter-Preview RC4, bootusb2 doesn
cant find the link. Any hints what to search for besides bootusb2?

Superrakete - 11.06.2006, 15:29 Uhr
Titel: RE: 2006 Easter-Preview RC4, bootusb2 doesn

The Thread mentioned is this one: http://kanotix.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=18219&highlight=
Unfortunatelly its in german.

I try to translate how to fix it for usb-pen-drive and usb-hdd. Not working for usb-cdrom.

What to do is to add the "libusual-modul" to the "miniroot.gz" found on usb-pen drive/hdd in "/boot/".

First you need a installed kernel or have to boot the EasterRC4 once from CDROM.
Copy "/lib/modules/" to your home directory and rename it to "libusual.o"

Now in a terminal window as root:
cd /media/sda1/boot/  (exchange sda1 with your now connected and mounted usb drive)
gzip -vd miniroot.gz
mount -o loop miniroot /mnt

In the decompressed miniroot (now in /mnt) edit the file "linuxrc" search for "&& $INSMOD /modules/scsi/usb-storage.o" and add "&& $INSMOD /modules/scsi/libusual.o " directly before.
Next copy libusual.o from your home to "/mnt/modules/scsi/libusual.o" and repack the miniroot:

umount /mnt
gzip -v9 miniroot

Now the bootusb2 cheat should work again.
muhith - 09.09.2006, 11:36 Uhr
I followed the instructions in this post but this did not work. Also being a Windows person I had a lot of trouble editing the 'linuxrc' file without having a GUI. The entry in the file refered looks lik ethe following in my file:

test -f /modules/scsi/usb-storage.o && $INSMOD /modules/scsi/libusual.o && $INSMOD /modules/scsi/usb-storage.o >/dev/null 2>&1

Can you please verify if the above is correct - I am running blind here! Also if this file on my USB HDD and it cannot get to my USB Drve in the first place since my USB Boot GRUB menu does not work - how is this going to help anyway?
Superrakete - 09.09.2006, 13:08 Uhr

Your line is correct.

And for easy editing use Konqueror, right mouse button on the file, Actions, edit as root.
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