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michael7 - 08.06.2006, 03:04 Uhr
Titel: Suggestion for FAQ and Wiki
I'm posting this here because I haven't found a place to post it on the FAQ pages or in the Wiki.

All entries for the FAQ or the Wiki should have either date when the entry was created or a revision date. It would also be useful if the Kanotix version to which it applies is stated.

Reading through the FAQ or the Wiki, it is obvious that many of the entries are out of date or obsolete for the current version. It would be great if everything was current, but that's not practical with an enterprise that is almost entirely voluntary. Consequently, a date or a version number would allow someone to quickly determine if the information was appropriate for his/her situation.
slam - 08.06.2006, 09:08 Uhr
Titel: Suggestion for FAQ and Wiki
We are in the process of re-organizing the Wiki and FAQ section. We will move all outdated information into an archive (together with the older part of this forum), and integrate the Wiki here (no extra log in necessary any more). The Wiki however is - and will stay - an unmanaged and open place where users can contribute and share their solutions. We don't have the stuff to check every Wiki article, it's up to all of you to take care for correct content there.

Usually we move the best articles from the Wiki into the FAQ (after double checking the content). After that it will be translated into all the languages we support. Our FAQ are always up-to-date.

ironwalker - 10.06.2006, 02:10 Uhr
Titel: RE: Suggestion for FAQ and Wiki
Looking good so far..........keep up the great work and thank you much!
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