Networking - Can't configure network correctly

zivs - 22.06.2006, 09:56 Uhr
Titel: Can't configure network correctly
First of all - just few days ago installed kanotix. Was impressed with it (friend of mine suggested it as easy to use for those who's hands are with errors (like my hands Sehr glücklich )). All so far went smoothly and with no problems. But when it cameto network configuration, there began some weird things:
1) Integrated LAN card was recognized as ppp0 - shouldn't it be eth0? (when plugged in second card, it was recognized as eth0)
2) Even after entering correct IP's and proxies and stuff there still is no internet - icon shows wrong ip's like if true one is, icon shows that i have or something (hard to remember as i can't post from kanotix Winken )
3) Few settings, like DNS servers after applying resets to some kind of defaults or something
Woul appreciate if anyone could tell what's the problem and maybe tell me how to configure network through terminal? Or give any links to manuals in setting up network through system panel? Smilie
Thanks in advance!
devil - 22.06.2006, 10:07 Uhr
Titel: Can
try netcardconfig with dhcp, should work default

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