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marcia - 11.08.2006, 21:35 Uhr
Titel: Connecting with Juno-Success
Dear All,

I usually use cable and my router to connect to the internet but storms last night knocked out my router-temporarily I hope. So, finally I decided to try getting my Juno account working with my lucent/agere modem.

I followed the Kanotix directions that were specified for these modems. I found instructions for juno and other isp's in kanotix forum so I followed those. I already had used scanModem to get info about my modem. It required the ltmodem and ltserial modules which are now automatically loaded when I boot.

I used wvdial as directed from the linmodem help page and found out that my modem was ttyLTMO and already correctly linked to /dev/modem. After this I went to kppp as root and started my account. I put in my username@juno.com for the username, then password, and made sure the correct dialup number was added including the call waiting number. I put in the number like this: *xx xxxxxxxxxx which dialed successfully and then I was able to use firefox. I am thrilled, because this is the first time in the 5 years of using linux that I was able to connect through dialup with linux. Hurray for such great instructions plus for having the correct modules already supplied in kanotix.

I am totally surprised how fast it is, too. My modem is a fax voice modem so, finally hopefully I will be able to use my fax setup in linux. I am very very happy with this success.

Thank you all in kanotix!


schnorrer - 12.08.2006, 21:02 Uhr
Titel: Connecting with Juno-Success
Congratulations. Runs better than on some labtop-Softmodems.
DeepDayze - 13.08.2006, 06:03 Uhr
Titel: RE: Connecting with Juno-Success
Those Lucent softmodems work very well in Linux as many of Lucent's chipsets are supported.
aking469 - 14.09.2006, 16:47 Uhr
Titel: Way-to-go!!
I also posted some info on doing just that for Juno a few months ago. Did you find, as I did that my connection was nearly as fast as many "so called high speed connections"? Glad you made it work....the flexibility of Linux is amazing.
marcia - 18.09.2006, 20:10 Uhr
Titel: RE: Way-to-go!!
Dear Guerilla,

Yes, I did find that the connection was very fast and probably as fast as some high speed connections. Probably one of the biggest attractions of linux for me is the flexibility. Thanks all, for the good tidings .

Marcia Sehr glücklich
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