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aking469 - 13.08.2006, 16:31 Uhr
Titel: Installation ISO
Just a simple question.
My hard disk crashed friday and I got a new one, reinstalled everything, and am in the process of recreating my install...a setting here, a setting there Mit den Augen rollen
I attempted to use the Home from a previous install but that just confused things.

Is there a way to "capture" this install and be able to just "put it back" if I bork it again?
h2 - 13.08.2006, 18:42 Uhr
Titel: RE: Installation ISO
yes, create a backup on an external disk

I backup /, /home, /data1, and /data2.

Then all you have to do is restore your backup to the new partitions. If you make the disk partitioning the same for swap and / on the new drive you won't have to change a thing, just restore your backup.

There are several threads on this topic, this one covers most of the different ways to do a backup.
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