Installation - Still need help with "fromiso" installation.

w1av - 22.09.2006, 13:37 Uhr
Titel: Still need help with "fromiso" installation.
Hello....I am still having trouble with computer NOT SHUTTING DOWN with a "fromiso" installation.
I copied the Kanotix 2006 RC1 iso to a directory on my FAT32 partition. I find in order to make it boot, I also have to have the CONTENTS of an ALREADY BURNED CD. That includes the 2 folders 'knoppix' and 'boot'. Thats the only way I can get the thing to boot from my GRUB screen. Just using the iso alone will not work. Just using the contents of an already burned cd will not work. I don't know why I need both. It does use up an extra 700+ MB on my partition but I have no choice.
Anyway I still cannot shut down! When I initiate a shutdown from KDE menu, I get the shutdown options pop up box, I choose to shut down computer, the screen goes black and it hangs forever until I have to hold in the POWER button to manually shut down.
My regular installations of Kanotix on my hda2 partition are fine. Just the fromiso installation.
The reason I have the fromiso is that it boots up VERY FAST when I am in a hurry and need to get on and off. I think its about 15 to 20 seconds to boot!!!
Also I cannot get to my SAVED CONFIG file. When I bootup fromiso, there is no way to type in the cheatcode to load a config file so I can have my customized desktop.
Is there a way to edit GRUB or menu.lst so I can boot to init 3 so I can type in a cheat code to load my config file? H E L P ! Überrascht
SteveR - 22.09.2006, 14:11 Uhr
Titel: RE: Still need help with "fromiso" installation.
Have you tried to edit the cheatcode for using a saved config file directly into the appropriate line in menu.lst? I'm not sure if this would work since I don't have a fromiso configuration -- guess it depends where the config file cheatcode gets picked up, but menu.lst does allow cheatcodes inline. Anyway, if it works, it would seem easier to load what you want automatically rather than type it in each time.

Yours will look different than this, but here's an example of menu.lst DEFAULT kernal option line with cheatcodes inline:

# kopt=root=/dev/sda2 ro ramdisk_size=100000 lang=us apm=power-off nomce vga=0x317

(Note the single # sign does NOT mean a comment in this position in menu.lst. It is an active line).

Further down in menu.lst are the specific boot lines, and they also accept cheatcodes (at least in an HD installed system -- again, I don't have a fromiso boot so can't say what the differences are) -- here's an example -- again yours will not look exactly like this:

kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.14-kanotix-9 root=/dev/sda2 ro ramdisk_size=100000 lang=us apm=power-off nomce acpi=off vga=0x317 nodma

gs - 22.09.2006, 16:40 Uhr
Titel: RE: Still need help with "fromiso" installation.
this is how I did it:
my setup: serveral partitions on hda, one of which contains an installation of Kanotix hda5= (hd0,5) and this installationp put its GRUB into the MBR of hda. From your post you, too, seem to have a harddisk-installation of Kanotix, but in addition want to have Kanotixfromiso
Working from the harddisk install of Kanotix:
first, I copied the Kanotix.iso directly (not in a folder) into hda6 (which for grub is (hd0,5))
second: in a konsole I wrote as root "mkdir /test" and then "mount -o loop Kanotix.iso /test"
third: in the directory /test I opened /boot and copied vmlinuz and miniroot.gz from there to hda5,
where I had put the Kanotix.iso. The .iso and its minitroot.gz and vmlinuz now where side to side.
fourth: to the /boot/grub/menu.lst of my installed Kanotix I added
"title Kanotixfromiso
kernel (hd0,5)/vmlinuz ramdisk_size=100000 init=/etc/init lang=de apm=power-off nomce quiet fromiso=Kanotix.iso
initrd (hd0,5)/miniroot.gz"

When you start your computer, the grub-menu opens up and shows, in addition to what you had there before, "Kanotixfromiso" - choose this and you boot from iso and shutdown is quite normal as from the liveCD
You will, of course, have to insert instead of (hd0,5) the partition you copied the .iso, miniroot.gz and vmlinuz to.
All of this can also be found in the wiki or FAQ
Good luck!
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