Kanotix Requests - CD/DVD distribution

bobdawn - 02.10.2006, 22:59 Uhr
Titel: CD/DVD distribution
I saw a request for CD or DVD distribution of Kanotix releases, but I now can't find the thread. I'd like to add my support to this. A CD is all that's needed, as it's so easy to add extra programmes with apt-get.

It took me almost 3 days to download RC3 on what we (jokingly) call broadband in Australia. I'd gladly pay for a mailed CD and wait a few days. This paid service should support Kano and the team, without interfering with the free nature of Kanotix and Debian and I'd like to see the team free from financial worries.

At present, we have to spend days prodding a slow download and later remember to send a voluntary donation out of gratitude.
Kano - 02.10.2006, 23:01 Uhr
Titel: RE: CD/DVD distribution
You should download the xdelta patches.
h2 - 03.10.2006, 08:13 Uhr
Titel: RE: CD/DVD distribution
Please be careful with these 'free cd' offers. You have no way of knowing if the disk was burned correctly, if it's good quality, and if it was burned slowly enough, so if you get one of these, you may find yourself dealing with more headaches than you thought you were saving.

I saw this happen to one guy, took a while to figure out why his install was buggy, turned out he'd gotten the cd online and it was corrupted, as is easy to do with kanotix, unlike most other distros, because of the ultra high compression the release uses.
dpdt1 - 03.10.2006, 10:55 Uhr
Titel: RE: CD/DVD distribution
we burn and send (some) linux cds in greece -might send to the rest of the balkans also, just ask first-, for no cost whatsoever, if anyone's interested. ( email: non_profiterol@yahoo.it ).
in some cases these come accompanied by guides in greek (debian etch, knoppel 0.7), for new linux users.

P.S trying to start a Debian NP community, over here...
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