Installation - problems with the usb stick automount after HD install

ugo - 18.10.2006, 16:08 Uhr
Titel: problems with the usb stick automount after HD install
Hi everybody,
I have installed Kanotix 2005.4 on a couple of test machines (in a near future, I would check that everything is OK with the upgrade to Kanotix 2006.1). No problems with the HD install.

After having booted the new Kanotix on HD, I've created a few new users and I've logged in as one of them; then, I plugged my usb pen and the corresponding icon immediately appeared. Thus, I made a "click" on the icon, but a message appeared complaining that it wasn't possible to mount it because "/media/sda1 didn't belong to the lists in /etc/fstab and /etc/mtab" (well, the message was not exactly this, but something similar).

I had not time to change the /etc/fstab file and see if this was enough to arrange the things. However, I expect that graphical way (i.e. with the help of the mouse) of mounting a usb stick should work automatically. It's a long time I work with 2005.4 live CD's without having this kind of problems...

Do you know what is going on?

Many thanks,

P.S. I've read something that should be related in a FAQ at
but it's clearly stated that it's "at my own risk"...
h2 - 18.10.2006, 21:08 Uhr
Titel: RE: problems with the usb stick automount after HD install
No change to fstab is required for automounting, it's automatic.

But the users must belong to I think the plugdev group to use this feature.

If you use kuser, you can see what groups your original user you created on install is in, then just duplicate the group memberships for the new users. New users are by default members of I think no groups except their own.
ugo - 18.10.2006, 22:33 Uhr
This sounds good, I'll check (probably next monday) if it's true.

In case this is true, I've a couple of more questions.

1) Is there a "nearly authomatic" way to give to the new users the same groups memberships as the first user created during the install?
I mean, using kuser (as I often do) I should "click" on the case of plugdev, and then video, and then so on... for each new user, this is really boring!

2) The test I did is in a PC classroom (without a NFS system ruling the access). I'm used to create the accounts on a single PC and then to copy on the other PC's the following files: /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/group. This procedure properly worked to have the same accounts with the same passwords on all the PC's (btw, the installed distro is kanotix 2005.3).
I guess that copying /etc/group it's enough to ensure that every user can do the same things on all the PC's: isn't it?

Once again, many thanks.
ugo - 24.10.2006, 22:48 Uhr
Just to report the results of my tests.

Yes, the problem was that the new user was not in the plugdev group.

For what concerns the couple of further questions I raised, I must confess they were not very significant. Indeed, using useradd (with a long list of groups) instead of kuser, one can quickly insert some new users in a PC and also (with the same login names) in many other PC's.

h2 - 24.10.2006, 22:53 Uhr
ugo, good, you found the tools, I was going to post that useradd stuff but forgot

Also, if you simply want to duplicate your default user groups, just get the output of: groups

and use that to create the user groups for new users, minus the group = username item, which you'll have to pull out of that list, either manually or by looping through it and redoing it minus the username/usernamegroup group.
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