Anything goes - Microsoft can't FIX Vista until it has an Update ready...WTF

turbowsr - 20.10.2006, 06:13 Uhr
Titel: Microsoft can't FIX Vista until it has an Update ready...WTF
http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20061019/tc_ ... urity_dc_2

Microsoft is say that the security fixes needed for Symantic and other AntiVirus companies, can't be done until it has an update.

"we can't fix it until we deliver it"!!!!!WTF

Isn't it software?
Can a patch be added then copied to the CD/DVD?
Aren't CD/DVD exact copies of 1 (ONE) original?
Or is there a warehouse with 1,000,000's CD/DVD's of Win Vista waiting to be delivered?

Is MS trying to get rid of their customers too?
Or is it because of the EU/U.S.A. lawsuits (and others), they say F*** with us and we will F*** up your OS?

That would be like Wal-Mart recalling all their spinach, AFTER is was bought, eaten, and the customer was in the hospital. (Here in USA, some tainted spinach made some sick and a few die, it was removed from all grociers shelves ASAP)
"Sorry, we can't recall it until it's been eaten"!!!

Come on MS, WTF are you doing?

With Apple going Intel, maybe we can have OS X for wintel machines, or maybe I will just have me an Apple. (if I buy another PC, it will be an Apple. I usually build all mine)(yeah, I know, Apple isn't non-evil business, but less evil. Kind of like voting in the USA, not the best canidate, but the lesser of two(or so) evils.)
DeepDayze - 20.10.2006, 14:17 Uhr
Titel: RE: Microsoft can
Right now, I feel that its time for people to consider other alternatives to Windows. Right now Mac OSX sounds like a plausible alternative for most people and Linux for the more advanced users. Vista is looking more and more like the flop it should be.
turbowsr - 20.10.2006, 22:41 Uhr
Titel: RE: Microsoft can
These companies that MS is pissing on have no where to go. What other operating systems have security issues and antivirus vulnerabilities.

They would go out of business. That in a sense is funny, the only reason they exist is because of MS and its attempt at an OS.
hubi - 21.10.2006, 00:25 Uhr
Titel: RE: Microsoft can
Vista will be dead anyway. By the time I want to buy a new notebook, Vista will be on it (almost no chance to get a decent Laptop without MS-stuff on it, only very outdated hardware - at least here in Budapest), and I will kill Vista before I see it, but will pay the idiot-tax to Redmond.

Edit: deleted stupid sentence.

severin - 21.10.2006, 09:31 Uhr
Titel: RE: Microsoft can
might be the better option: "better a coward for five minutes than dead for your whole life"

(didn't I see you on the german forum? "lieber fünf Minuten feige als 'n ganzes Leben tot" - von Fischmob is das)
hubi - 21.10.2006, 12:25 Uhr
Titel: Re: RE: Microsoft can
severin hat folgendes geschrieben::
(didn't I see you on the german forum? "lieber fünf Minuten feige als 'n ganzes Leben tot" - von Fischmob is das)
That's possible. I should not post before going to bed. Mit den Augen rollen

I edited my post and removed that stupid sentence.

Cathbard - 24.10.2006, 03:59 Uhr
I find this very amusing. The likes of McAfee and Morton have made a good income because winblows was an open door to hackers and virus's. Now that M$ have tried to tighten up they see their income vanishing into the ether. Of course exactly how good is this vista security? The firewall in XP is totally useless because they needed open ports for their own agenda. So they lock out security companies and we have to trust that M$ have done it right - fat chance. This debate seems like a competition to see who has the worst friends. Lachen
I've just installed vista beta inside a vmware machine and I have to say, "what a POS". It divorces the user from the computer more than xp. Talk about a closed shop. I'd hate to be developing software on it, no wonder their are so many complaints from the software houses.
It is proving what I have always said about there being two types of pc users. There's people who want an appliance and those that want a computer. Vista feels more like a video recorder than a pc. It's not even a good video player. Media I play on kaffeine and amarok wouldn't play on it even after it went to the net and tried to DL the codec. So you pay squillions for Fista that is supposed to be a killer media app and you still need foss software to play media? What a joke.
I guess I've been spoilt by linux/gnu too. I open up the menu on Fista and there are hardly any apps and most of the ones that are there don't look any different than the ones in xp. The main difference is that solitaire now looks more like kpat and IE has tabs. So their great advance is to hide whats going on from the user and copy gnu apps where possible. Winken
turbowsr - 24.10.2006, 15:13 Uhr
I wonder how much GNU is in Windows? Or other Open Source?

Makes one wonder why MS closed it up soo much, esp. after the EU is requiring them to open it up.

I really believe the FTC and EU should require the break up of MS. Into:
Operating System (two divisions, desktop and server)
Business(or SOHO) Software (Office, etc)
Multimedia (I.E., Media Player, codec's)

Maybe even into more units. Then disallow the sharing of internals amoung the MS divisions, UNLESS they are open to other companies, and GNU and Open Source foundations.
This would allow more competition from other companies and "free software". (Would Netscape return?)
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