Kanotix Requests - 2006 distro release sugestions

wavetel - 25.10.2006, 00:57 Uhr
Titel: 2006 distro release sugestions
First off .. I gotta say I love Kanotix.. Fantastic effort and very solid distro.

I would like to see Clam AV and the newer GUI KlamScan from memory included in the new distro.

Some observations on other distros in line with where Kanotix seems to be currently.

Ive seen other distros splitting their disks into a CD and a DVD choices.
One of the big reasons behind this appears to be Open Office which has become a real monster. The pressure placed on the developers to try to fit Open office on the distro is pretty hard as it inevitably leads to taking other apps off the distro to achieve it on a live CD.

I prefer to see a distro of Kanotix with Open office still on board but not at the cost of other apps. The time has come to put AbiWord or something smaller than Open office on the CD and use a DVD distro for Open office.
I realise this discussion has been raised in a round about way in another thread but I dont think its being followed any more.

Ive run up 2006-01-RC4 and see that Open office isnt on there so we are allready going down that track. I guess I cant help feel that newbies will be turned off when they run up a Live distro and cant find Open office. They will decide to look elsewhere for a O/S

I have been reading these forums and have not found much discussion on CD and DVD distros of late in any fashion. Hence Ive thrown in my 2 bobs worth.

h2 - 25.10.2006, 01:45 Uhr
Titel: RE: 2006 distro release sugestions
the livecd has koffice on it already.

I don't think the developers are interested in providing av stuff, plus for the small group of people who would use that, they can always install it with unionfs on livecd if they must do that.

I think knoppix has the full featured live/recovery cd market down pretty well, so it's not necessary to duplicate their stuff completely.

ooo is too big now, I know when I tested my ooo installer on 2006-1, it pulled in over 100 mB of ooo packages and dependencies to the base install of 2006-1.

If a newbie is turned off because kanotix installs to hard disk in about 15 minutes, recognizes more hardware than most other distros, has easy to use nvidia/fglrx installers, and then gives them full access to all of debian sid, including ooo, it's fairly likely that newbie wouldn't have stayed around anyway. And for the lazy among us, I added an ooo installer to my script, including language pack selection etc.

I think the basic idea may be this: the more isos you have, the more stuff to maintain, the more potential problems. That doesn't benefit the developers at this point from what I can see.

I sort of agree though, in a perfect world, there would be a dvd installer, which would let you pick packages, etc, from anything to no x, to x only, to kde, to full everything. But it's not that hard doing that on your own by adding or removing packages, which is why hopefully most people who find kanotix have decided to use a true debian apt based distro.
slh - 25.10.2006, 11:19 Uhr
Titel: RE: 2006 distro release sugestions
Anti virus software is always outdated on CDs, so you need an active internet connection in any case - most scan engines are smaller than up to date virus definitions, why should be include outdated == harmful software/ virus definitions?
hey_ian - 25.10.2006, 15:52 Uhr
Titel: RE: 2006 distro release sugestions
I do not think Kanotix needs a Virus scanner. Such scanners are on Linux unnecessary and are only useful on recover Cds. As already said, Knoppix is such a recover CD, Kanotix is a CD made for HP install.
kb0hae - 30.10.2006, 05:40 Uhr
Titel: RE: 2006 distro release sugestions
I have to disagree with the first poster. I like OOo, and would rather see some other apps not being included. Such as the blue tooth stuff. Also, more space would be available on the iso if some duplicate apps were removed. Do we really need other email clients that Icedove (formerly Thunderbird) or more that Iceweasel (formerly Firefox) and Konqurer browsers on the iso? Those that like other browsers and email clients can easily install them through Kpackage (or their package manager of choice).

Also, I understand that the difference between Kanotix and kanotix lite is mainly that OOo is not included in the lite version, although some other programs like Abiword etc...are included.

Just my $.02 Sehr glücklich
devil - 30.10.2006, 06:21 Uhr
Titel: RE: 2006 distro release sugestions
even leaving out the ones you mentioned above wouldnt make room for ooo, its just too big by now.
so the kanorix-lite turned into a full with even ~10 mb overweight at the moment.
so ooo will be the one that people have to install for themselves.

drb - 30.10.2006, 08:19 Uhr
The recent koffice upgrade appears to be much bigger than previously. Is this going to be an issue with space? Perhaps the difference with oOo is much smaller now?

devil - 30.10.2006, 08:37 Uhr
right, koffice is getting bigger, but it will be in anyways.

craigevil - 09.11.2006, 14:30 Uhr
Personally I love Kanotix just the way it is, a single cd, that takes 15 minutes to install to HD. If that means leving out OpenOffice so be it.

If someone needs OpenOffice it is only an apt-get install away.

Kanotix is meant to be installed to HD not really as a livecd, although it works quite nice as one.

For a livecd I keep a copy of PCLInuxOS which comes with OPenOffice. For most recovery issue I use Knoppix and Gparted livecds.
analogtek - 15.11.2006, 08:33 Uhr
I read the following post with much interest. Kano Should really think of a lite version. I dont need 30 plus thing's in just internet alone. I have checked out the lite version but it need's more slimimmg down. Besides all can be just a short apt-get install away for anything you need. A DVD of all would be nice to have. Even it could/can be apt-get enabled.
gs - 15.11.2006, 12:13 Uhr
For use of KANOTIX as liveCD OOo is only one "Klik" away and with persistant home it is there with every boot of the liveCD.
This is my solution to the "problem"
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