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analogtek - 01.11.2006, 08:25 Uhr
Titel: FAQ suggestion
FAQ area need's a ..you got to have area this knowlege area ... As in get h2's script...and why....how to do localhost trick's for printer and other system fixes...a little primer on apt-get....in a little nice easy to get at area for newbie's and in case we old one's mind get's a little cloudy!!!
phen - 01.11.2006, 13:46 Uhr
Titel: RE: FAQ suggestion
Geschockt Frage
slam - 01.11.2006, 14:18 Uhr
Titel: RE: FAQ suggestion
Thanks for your suggestions!

We are preparing the upcoming Kanotix-2006-01 release including our so-called "Offline-FAQ". This is actually a collection of most asked questions & professionally given answers directly on the live-CD, readable even if there might - for some reason - be no internet connection.
Please download the recent RC-version and review this new tool. You are very welcome to contribute and improve it!


P.S.: Thanks bluewater for the idea, project management and input to the offline-faq - another great Kanotix tool!
bluewater - 02.11.2006, 11:16 Uhr
Thanks slam
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