Anything goes - Adobe opens Flash to Firefox

piper - 08.11.2006, 16:53 Uhr
Titel: Adobe opens Flash to Firefox
Adobe opens Flash to Firefox
hubi - 08.11.2006, 19:26 Uhr
Titel: Adobe opens Flash to Firefox
so many sites of artists I visit use flash. On normal sites like news etc. I'm therefore trashed with ads, and killing them through adblock is far too much nuisance. :sigh:

h2 - 08.11.2006, 19:44 Uhr
Titel: RE: Adobe opens Flash to Firefox
hubi, with the proper ruleset I almost never see any ad with adblock

it takes a very small number of rules to block 99+% of all internet ads you'll see, including flash, without actually blocking flash per se.


that's the rules I use, minus one or two because that list is a month old or so. I never see flash.
titan - 08.11.2006, 20:24 Uhr
Titel: RE: Adobe opens Flash to Firefox
h2, thanks just installed adblock and your rules, works great no real noticable slowdown. I had tried adblock before but with me adding the rules it certainly seems to make a difference to browing speed. Since this seems to be one of your favourite extensions is adblock plus any better.
hubi - 08.11.2006, 20:31 Uhr
Titel: RE: Adobe opens Flash to Firefox

thank you for that help. I'll definitely give it a go.

h2 - 08.11.2006, 21:49 Uhr
Titel: RE: Adobe opens Flash to Firefox
I'm sorry, I forgot to mention, I need to update that page, it's adblock plus you want, not adblock.
drb - 08.11.2006, 21:53 Uhr
I use the flashblock extension and only download flash files I want to see.

h2 - 08.11.2006, 21:56 Uhr
yes, that's a good option if your goal is to never initially see flash stuff, personally I don't mind flash when it's not advertizing in most cases, and I like seeing how people make their websites without having to download, but for those who truly despise flash itself, flashblock is of course the better option. But with the proper rules in adblock plus, you basically only see the flash you want to see, with almost no exceptions.
op4latino - 09.11.2006, 05:42 Uhr
now that we're touching adblock, I do remember that one of new the features of kde 3.5.0 was that konqueror had adblock included. Is this still true for the current version? If so, how do you enable it??
h2 - 09.11.2006, 05:55 Uhr
yes, it's still true, very nice too, you can use the same exact file to import the filter rules.

konqueror -> settings -> configure konqueror -> scroll to adblock filters item, import list. Simple.
sk11 - 13.11.2006, 00:33 Uhr
Has anyone heard of a similar feature for opera, I'm using opera 9.02 and find the current "block content" option to be very tedious? The methods for using javascripts haven't worked for me either.

And, yeah, I just have to use opera Winken
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