Anything goes - Does your MP3 player not display TAGS on some songs?

Cuddles - 16.11.2006, 14:48 Uhr
Titel: Does your MP3 player not display TAGS on some songs?
Ok, the subject says it all... I have learned this, and it took more than a few months, to get the final answer, but...

When you store a .mp3 file/song, it has a id3, or tag, to display nice information; like, title, group/artist, genre, and year, which can be a lot more descriptive than just the plain filename.

Well, I had gone and ripped more than 240 CD's, of my own, purchased, and ripped them to include a "best of" mp3 compilation on my MP3 Player. I did the rips, used amarok to check, and tweak, the mp3 tags... some songs displayed with @ signs in front of them, and they didnt belong. But, this wasnt found to cause the problem.

The problem was, after completely making more than 2,600 songs, and decided, just what 414 songs will make it to the MP3 Player... I copied them, after ensuring that the tag information displays on both XMMS and Amarok, over to the MP3 Player, only to have the Player display just the filename on 43 songs of the 414. I was getting "Unknown genre", "Unknown title", and even "Unknown group". So, I went back to my amarok, and nope, they show up, so, I re-wrote all the group, title, and genre, and even the year, information, and re-copied to the MP3 Player - nope, same thing...

This went on for months, trying to do everything, even going after the original CD's again, and still, unknowns and filename displays.

I finally got it... It took reading information on id3v2, which is used by **censored**, which in turn, is used by abcde, when converting to mp3 format files. It appears, that, tags can be one, two, or both, formats, those being v1, and v2. In essence, id3v2 uses whichever it deciodes is best to use for the song/file, when it is called, by default. If the song, can use v1 it will use that, if v1 will not contain the information, then it will use v2, and, in some cases, it can use both in the output format mp3 file.

Armed with this information, I attempted to sleuth some answers. So, using id3v2 to display the id3 tag information, it was found that, all the songs that displayed correctly on the player were v2 format, and the problem 43 songs were v1... So, I then tested a theory, I changed the v1 tag information in the 43 songs to v2, using the id3v2 option... copied the converted songs to the mp3 player, and they worked perfectly.

So, if you are reading this post, and are wondering, because you have the same problem, you might want to check the tag version format of your offending songs... My guess is, if you are getting the same problem, it may just be, that, your player prefers a specific version of tag format...

I hope this helps someone, and alleviates some stress, to someone
severin - 16.11.2006, 17:18 Uhr
Titel: Does your MP3 player not display TAGS on some songs?
good point. I've got some cyrillic-lettered songs which display fine versus some which don't... gotta check
Cuddles - 16.11.2006, 18:38 Uhr
Titel: RE: Does your MP3 player not display TAGS on some songs?

I have a few song like that as well, but, I think that has to do with the font, and character they chose to use, and not, the tag information being unreadable. You might just edit the information with amarok, and change it to what reads better...

What I was having a problem with, was with the tag information itself... i.e. title of song, group/artist of song, genre of song, etc... the information displayed fine in both xmms and amarok, but only the filename ( somesongfilename.mp3 ) would display on the player, as if, no information in title, group, genre, etc... existed. My resolution was to get that information to display, not to tweak it when it was displaying, as is your case...

But, as a side note severin, if, after you do edit the songs you are speaking of, they dont display any information anymore on a player, this would be something to look at Smilie

I'm glad its helping someone, cause, it sure was a PITA to me Sehr glücklich
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