Software - Iceweasel don't switch down, can't start again

vilde - 28.11.2006, 18:31 Uhr
Titel: Iceweasel don't switch down, can't start again
Iceweasel sometimes don't switch of everything when closing the program. If I try to start it again I get the warning message that firefox is still running. Then I have to kill "Firefox-bin" and then I can start the browser again.

I had that problem just after installing Iceweasel and then it was gone but it hapened once again now?

After trying to switch on and of the browser again some times it's the problem is gone?
jebus197 - 28.11.2006, 18:40 Uhr
Titel: RE: Iceweasel don
I have the same issue. But I have this issue with both Firefox and Iceweasel. Neither of them appear to be very stable (at least not on the 2006-01-RC4 build of Knaotix that I am using).

Sometimes they just lock up hard - and sometimes they don't start up properly at all.
titan - 28.11.2006, 19:43 Uhr
Titel: RE: Iceweasel don
I had the same problem some time ago it turned out to be the gmail manager add on
h2 - 28.11.2006, 19:58 Uhr
Titel: RE: Iceweasel don
it's an extension for certain, or a corrupted profile.

What you have to do is create a new user profile by starting iceweasel with this command:
[using run program in kde]iceweasel -profilemanager
Create a new profile, then start iceweasel, then shutdown, then copy over all your user data files from your old profile to the new one.

This should resolve the stability issues.

No matter what firefox may pretend, it is never safe to move up an entire version using the same profile. A major version upgrade is 1 to 1.5, 1.5 to 2.0.

DO NOT COPY OVER prefs.js or your old extensions from your current profile, one of those is the cause of the instability, you need to reinstall all your extensions, one by one.
jebus197 - 28.11.2006, 20:53 Uhr
OK thanks, I'll try that. However in my case I just deleted my profile - as I didn't have any extensions - and not many bookmarks to loose. I had however installed both Iceweasel and Swiftfox - so it is possible that I was sharing a profile for both of these.

I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope that it works.
piper - 28.11.2006, 22:17 Uhr
Actually, I would take it a step further

apt-get remove --purge firefox (iceweasel)

and then use both clean up & deb orphans in h2's script (or manually) and delete everything you can find regarding mozilla restart x and then reinstall

Some may call this "drastic" but then again, I have never had a problem Winken
craigevil - 28.11.2006, 22:22 Uhr
Using swiftfox and firefox/iceweasel may be causing problems, make sure they are using separate profiles.
vilde - 28.11.2006, 22:40 Uhr
it's an extension for certain, or a corrupted profile.

I never installed any extensions but maybe there are "default" extensions in Iceweasel for Kanotix? If not it has to be the profile then.

I did a new profile and deleted the old one, only copying my bookmarks, have to try for a while to see if this is enough. Otherwise I try pipers suggestion.
h2 - 28.11.2006, 22:51 Uhr
new profile is almost always enough, the problem is that major version to major version certain things just aren't compatible. Or the profile simply gets corrupted during the upgrade and restart.

Also of course what craigevil said, if you use different firefox based browsers, you MUST use different profiles, one for each, or you will have problems without any doubt.
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