Software - Did an update -- konqueror unusable

cutlass001 - 03.12.2006, 01:56 Uhr
Titel: Did an update -- konqueror unusable
I screwed up royally - did an update with Synaptic and did not pay attention to what would be changed. The new Konqueror is version 3.5.5. It's got the most bizarre file view I have ever seen. I tried to roll back to an older version but I could not do it. I don't have that skill level.

Could you provide detailed info on how to roll back to a normal "detail list view" capable Konqueror? Failing that, is there another file manager you can recommend??
DeepDayze - 03.12.2006, 03:23 Uhr
Titel: RE: Did an update -- konqueror unusable
Did you d-u within Synaptic?
cutlass001 - 03.12.2006, 12:52 Uhr
I don't know what d-u is. I did go to google and do a search. It had happened to one or two folks before. The solution was to reboot. Once that was done, konqueror had the capability to view list details.

The update consisted of about 800 files. I neglected to look thru the list of changes before hand. Have to be more careful next time.....
DeepDayze - 03.12.2006, 16:15 Uhr

You should NEVER try a dist-upgrade via Synaptic. Always do that when X is NOT running
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