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fatbloke - 04.12.2006, 23:40 Uhr
Titel: curious java related question
I'm looking to see if it's possible to develop a small application, which will probably be for mobile/cell phones.

It will be a "tachograph timer" (to record time management for "professional" drivers i.e. heavy goods vehicle type drivers like myself).

I've only been looking into this for a couple of days, and while I know bog all about programming etc, someone has suggested that "java" might be a good way ahead.

I understand that there are various bits that I can get from Sun's site, but as I have all the java related packages installed on my system (the ones that are listed by synaptic from the mirrors/repositories) if I went ahead and downloaded/installed the java stuff from Sun, is it likely to cause me lots of problems with other apps that have links/plugins etc to the packages installed from the mirrors/repo's ?

Or is it likely to be better to uninstall anything from the repo/mirror sources and then just download/install the "genuine" Sun java packages instead and "do battle" with them to get them working on my system first, before I think about commencing any development activities ????

thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions you may have.


fatbloke - 08.12.2006, 20:34 Uhr
Titel: RE: curious java related question
bump (please)?
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