Installation - Problem with Distorted Display

rossi - 16.12.2006, 15:19 Uhr
Titel: Problem with Distorted Display

I recently bought a System 76 laptop with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, a 15.4” Widescreen WXGA (1280X800) display and an nVidia GeForce GO 7600 with 256MB VRAM graphics card as well as other features.

The system comes with Ubuntu installed.

I reinstalled the laptop with KANOTIX-2006-01-RC4. It works really well. It detected all the devices. I am very happy.

There is one problem. The laptop has a wide screen (see above), and everything is distorted. For example, the globe for FireFox is elliptical instead of circular, etc., ...

I have run the install-nvidia-debian.sh script to get the correct drivers.

I know this is an X-server problem so I ran

dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

and that fixed things. The distorted applications went away.

But then I got the error

"the x-server doesn't support the OpenGLX Extension ....

My applications that used OpenGL 3D failed.

Someone suggested I run

apt-get install nvidia-glx

and then

nvidia-glx-config enable

but that doesn't work. nvidia-glx was installed originally, but the command nvidia-glx-config wasn't there.

Can someone help me with this?

Thank you.


Kano - 16.12.2006, 15:56 Uhr
Titel: RE: Problem with Distorted Display
fix-res 1280x800
chvt 1

login as root

install-nvidia-debian.sh -c
rossi - 17.12.2006, 09:31 Uhr
Titel: RE: Problem with Distorted Display

Thank you for the quick reply. I tried the suggestions posted above, but the screen still has the elongated distortion. I think it has something to do with having a 3-D GLX server.

Is there something else I could try.

Kind regards,

Kano - 17.12.2006, 11:36 Uhr
Titel: RE: Problem with Distorted Display
show me:

xrandr|grep \*
rossi - 17.12.2006, 18:12 Uhr
Titel: RE: Problem with Distorted Display
rossi@KanotixBox:~$ xrandr|grep \*
*0 1024 x 768 ( 361mm x 270mm ) *60
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