Installation - Is swap space not needed?

tuxedo - 27.12.2006, 17:55 Uhr
Titel: Is swap space not needed?
I'm just about to partition a 40GB/7200rpm drive running on a AMD64 Sempron 3200+ with 512 DDR2 RAM. It is a desktop computer.

I will allocate 10GB to XP and the rest to Kanotix 2006-01-RC4

As far as I can remember, no swap space in needed on Kanotix HD installs for some reason, is that correct?

Or if swap is required, what would be a recommended size considering the above hardware?

Also, is there a 64bit version of 2006-01-RC4 somewhere?

Thanks for any advise.
penguin.ch - 27.12.2006, 18:10 Uhr
From my experience, swap is not really needed, but your system will run "smoother" with than without (for the latter one could cause applications to behave "strangely" ...). - Having said that, I would recommend to sacrifice 1 GB (as well as 2 GB with "suspend to RAM" in mind).

tuxedo - 27.12.2006, 18:50 Uhr
Thanks for the quick tips - Just in time for putting the bolts and screws together of this new old hardware!

So I will allocate 1GB to RAM at least. The RAM needed will be deducted of the XP disk budget anyway, so no loss of useful space here, even if I reduced the XP part to a mere 5GB.

But what do you mean with the 2GB with "suspend to RAM" in mind?

Would the 2GB be a separate RAM partition or something?

Or do you recommend a 3GB RAM partition in total, if suspending to RAM?

Is that hybernation or spinning the disk down for half-shutdown, while keeping the session snoozing? Iv'e not tested this particular feature before. Anyway, it is only a desktop computer install, and I don't anticipate that being used in this specific situation, if that's what you mean?

Perhaps it is something more useful to extend the battery life of notebooks?
penguin.ch - 27.12.2006, 19:41 Uhr
Although I use suspension only with virtual machines (where it comes in quite handy), the option to put a system to sleep instead of stopping / starting it may prove useful to some folks - and for this, one needs much more swap space than for the mere extension of "real" RAM. Or, to cut it short: for you purposes, 1 GB will suffice.


Further reading
tuxedo - 27.12.2006, 20:18 Uhr
Thanks - 1Giggabits it is!

I'm currently exploring GParted for the first time and it appears better than QTparted.

I'm at the disk label stage.

With a brand new disk, I'm given the choice of "labelling" as msdos, amiga, bsd, dvh, gpt, mac, pc98, s390, sun or loop.

Ehh.... I'm not quite following this.

Does it make any difference which type label is used?

Should it be msdos, bsd?
tuxedo - 27.12.2006, 20:55 Uhr
... in the next step, i.e. Create the new partition: from 0 to 300000 MiB, reiserfs, I presume it should be a "primary partition"?

Should the following (linux-swap) and Windoze (ntfs) also be set as "primary"?

Does it make any difference which order the 3 partitions are?

What does "round to cylinders" mean?

Sorry I'm a newbie, but still, I'd like to get it right!!
tuxedo - 27.12.2006, 21:06 Uhr
Does the following partition table look right Frage
datebro - 27.12.2006, 21:22 Uhr
I would suggest to give Windoze always the first partition to avoid complicances. Linux is easier to handle an does not complain whether its installed on an primary or logical partition. Just keep in mind that maximum 4 primary partitions are possible, one of them can be extended whith up to 61 (on scsi or any sdxx up to 13) logical partitions. With 512Mb Ram Swap will rarely be needed, but when needed its painful to have none. For Suspend2Ram 1.5 times Ram is needed, 768 MB for your half gig Ram, so 1 GIG should be sufficient anyway.

Gruß (its german greets)
tuxedo - 27.12.2006, 21:49 Uhr
Thanks. Although I don't fully unterstand the primary/logical/extended business, but based on your above comment of placing the Windoze part first does the following partition table look "alright" for a perfect Kanotix/Windows/swap dual boot type of setup?

Thanks for any comments while awaiting to push the "apply all operations" button...
datebro - 27.12.2006, 22:08 Uhr
Push it!!

datebro - 27.12.2006, 22:16 Uhr
Il try to explain the extended/logical stuff with restricted english-knowledge:
A Harddrive may have up to 4 primary partitions.
One of these Primary Partitions may be an extended Partition.
An EXtended Partition may contain several logical Partitions.
Clear until now?
The Number of the logical Partitions depends of the Type of the Harddisk.
an Parallel-Ata (Eide) may have 64 Partitions, so 61 logical Partitions.
An SCSI or SATA (Anything mounted as sdxx) may have 16 Partitions, so 13 logicals.

tuxedo - 28.12.2006, 06:29 Uhr
I finally pushed the button! It all worked well and what a smooth partition manager!

Thanks for the explanation.
luuuciano - 06.01.2007, 04:55 Uhr
I made that! and I can not install RC4 Traurig

I have almost the same partition scheme, but I made a ntfs, fat32 partition (interchange), root partition ext3, home partition ext3 and swap...

the installer never gets to start... any idea?

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