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kotoko - 26.01.2007, 12:00 Uhr
Titel: mount USB

what are the command lines to mount a USB device?
Is it the same for all devices?
My goal is to make my pen and my mp3 player working and linux.

Yes I now, newbie - big time. Mit den Augen rollen
Carpe.Diem - 10.03.2007, 03:57 Uhr
Titel: RE: mount USB
I have two somewhat similar "mounting" questions (though I'm not needing to know the command lines as much as I need to know how to work through the problems using the desktop interface):

1. I have a USB-type DVD drive and Kanotix cannot access the files on it at all. Nothing displays if I put a data disk in it, for example. The drive does appear on the desktop, so I assume it's one of those "mounting problems" ("rant-and-rave" warning: I almost hate Linux's way with "needing to mount" disk drives generally and I love that Kanotix has almost automated the mounting procedure when compared to other Linux distributions -- gee, I sure wish Linux operated like Windows when it comes to disk drives, since it's SO much work to do anything in Linux when it comes to accessing disks, well, until I found Kanotix, that is). All my other drives "mount" just fine in Konquerer when I click on the Kanotix desktop icons and Konquerer pops up -- just the USB drive won't list its contents in Konquerer (I get the breaking-glass sound with a "Could not enter..." message). If I boot the LiveCDs for SLAX or GeeXboX (both of which are Linux-based) or if I boot up Windows XP immediately after this, they all show the contents of the same USB drive and play the files without difficulty; so, I can assume the drive's OK -- but Kanotix can never seem to access this same drive (in this example, the USB drive is left running and connected to the computer and I just reboot into the 4 different systems, with Kanotix being the only one of the four that can't access the USB-based files). Is there a workaround?

2. Another possible mounting problem (not the USB drive in this case, but an IDE drive): When I click on the desktop icon for my CD ROM drive onto which I have burned mp3's, I get a complete list of everything in Konquerer (since I see the procedure which "mounts" the drive); however, if I go into XMMS, for instance (though it's not limited to XMMS), and use its file open procedure, the same drive always shows as empty! What gives? How do I work around this? I do note that I have to use "media" instead of "mnt" in the file search in XMMS, since "mnt" has nothing in it whatsoever, while "media" displays the names of all the drives, but the drives are always empty of contents (ALL drives on the computer have nothing on them within XMMS it appears). I would like to be able to use XMMS's open file procedure to place things into the playlist, but the ONLY way I can get anything into XMMS from the CD ROM is to drag the files from the Konquerer window that popped up when I clicked on the desktop icon into the XMMS playlist (this works, I agree, and the music plays, but why can't I see any files when I use XMMS's open command and maneuver to the same CD ROM)? Why do the files display in the Konquerer window while simultaneously remaining hidden in the XMMS window? I would have expected they would operate in a similar fashion, instead of seeming to be inconsistent. Is there a workaround for this too?

Last question: Should I have initiated a new posting instead of joining the one already here? I note there is no response to the previous person's call for help and I fear the same may be my lot too -- alas!
Kano - 10.03.2007, 14:16 Uhr
Titel: RE: mount USB
Did you create a new user and forgot to put this one into plugdev group?
hschn - 10.03.2007, 16:12 Uhr
Titel: RE: mount USB
Maybe this works:

the key file for automount is


where, provided that your normal user belongs to plugdev group, you should add these lines:

<!-- modification in order to KDE users can mount -->
<policy group="plugdev">
<allow send_interface="org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume"/>
<allow send_interface="org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume.Crypto"/>

(actually the first line is a comment)

good luck
Carpe.Diem - 10.03.2007, 16:56 Uhr
Titel: Re: RE: mount USB
Kano hat folgendes geschrieben::
Did you create a new user and forgot to put this one into plugdev group?
I assume, but am not sure, that you're referring to my post above, Kano (and not to the kotoko post in this thread).

Hmm... When you say "new user" and "plugdev group", are you referring to the Forum here or to something within Kanotix, because I don't know what you're talking about at the moment. I'll be glad to clarify when I understand. If you're referring to the Forum, I didn't notice any threads with these names; and if you're referring to Kanotix, I'm just running it as a LiveCD as it is automatically setup by default with no customization (I just let it bootup, and then I try out most of the major functions immediately without any configuration seeming to be needed -- though I may be wrong about "needed" here when it comes to my two issues). Again, Kanotix is not installed; it's just running as a LiveCD.

I think I forgot to mention that I am running Kanotix-2006-01-RC4 Preview Release. Is the use of the Preview Release maybe a factor in my two particular problems (in other words, would I not have these problems in one of the stable releases such as 2005-04)? Everything else works great that I've tried thus far in the Preview Release.

By the way, I've downloaded 12 different LiveCD versions of Linux, looking for the one or two that seem to operate best, and thus far, Kanotix has risen to the very top in performance, features, and ease of use! I'm VERY impressed with how well it works immediately upon bootup. I can't say the same for the majority of the rest of the most popular Linux LiveCDs as prioritized by FrozenTech's list!

Again, Kano, if you're responding to me, I appreciate your doing so, since I feared this was a dead thread and that no one was paying attention. Thanks!

UPDATE: hschn, I just noticed your posting which came in while I was writing the above to Kano. I'm using my Windows XP right now to write this posting and I shall try what you suggest when I boot up Kanotix. I'm curious about "provided that your normal user belongs to plugdev group" and, gee, how do I do that or know that (I'm just not familiar with what I would do to make it so)? I know how to find files and how to modify configurations, but given the LiveCD bootup with nothing other than "lang=us" entered at the beginning, am I indeed the normal user who belongs to the plugdev group (or how can I tell)? And, hschn, thanks for all the detail you added. It's much appreciated!
hschn - 10.03.2007, 17:46 Uhr
Titel: Re: RE: mount USB
My englisch is not good:

When you start kuser as root, you can see to which groups your users belong.

then a windows open:

kdesu kuser

then your root-password

and finally
doubleclick on your user and you can see and edit the groups, your user belong to.

Good luck
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