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Cathbard - 29.01.2007, 09:53 Uhr
Titel: Cathbard.com Launched
I have finally registered the name Cathbard.com and started to set up my site. I must thank our friend Roughnecks for donating the use of his server free of charge to host the site. Very much appreciated. Sehr glücklich
It is basically a gallery at the moment but it will expand a bit. What it will develop into is still unknown to me.
There is a fairly extensive Kanotix section in there already so you may find it interesting. It is still missing instructions and credits but the actual art is all pretty much there.
The site contains a lot of graphics and a bit of it is called from other sites scatterred around the web still. This means that the first time you go in it may be a bit slow to load the pages. I haven't finished compressing all the images properly yet so it will improve over time. Once the images are in your cache it shouldn't be too bad.
This is the first draft of the site and the sounds sections will follow later. I don't have a lot of experience building sites and all I know has been learnt by trial and error mostly (like everything I do).

Adapter - 29.01.2007, 10:14 Uhr
Looks good

Greets Adapter
gmx99 - 29.01.2007, 13:59 Uhr
Great compliments!

Cathbard - 07.02.2007, 02:17 Uhr
Thanks guys. I still have a lot of work to do on it but I haven't got back to it. It's been too damn hot over here to do anything lately.
I'll update you when I do more.
gmx99 - 07.02.2007, 07:14 Uhr
Thank you Cathbard!
Awaiting your update,
Cathbard - 26.03.2007, 15:03 Uhr
Titel: Cathbard's Grove
I've added a comic strip I have been working on called Cathbard's Grove to my site. There are three strips so far and more to come.

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