Software - Problems Lanuching Firestarter (FIrewall)

NuxIT - 14.02.2007, 09:55 Uhr
Titel: Problems Lanuching Firestarter (FIrewall)
Hi, I'm trying to harden my Kantox 2k6 load. I installed the firestarter firewall but when I try to run it from the run menu I get > Insufficient Privileges "You need to run as root" . When I try to excute the command from the shell as root I get this >
root@nuxbox:/etc# firestarter -s
Error spawning shell process: Failed to execute child process "firestarter.sh" (No such file or directory)
Failed to start the firewall
An unknown error occurred.

Please check your network device settings and make sure your
Internet connection is active.

Any ideas or help is apprecited. Regards
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