General Support - Is Kanotix Dead?

bme - 23.02.2007, 18:14 Uhr
Titel: Is Kanotix Dead?
Dead,hybernating? What's going on? What's the real score?
Kano - 23.02.2007, 18:23 Uhr
Titel: RE: Is Kanotix Dead?
Working on the right framework. Like tuned ubuntu kernel as default. Try if you like (converts system to uuid):


Also updates fuse (cvs), ntfs-3g (1.0) and hal (with sysfs patch).
bme - 24.02.2007, 04:33 Uhr
Thanks for that info. I tried sidux-not as good in hardware detection for my laptop as kanotix 2005-4. I will wait for the next kanotix then.
Kano - 24.02.2007, 06:04 Uhr
Wenn basically the hw support should be similar. What did not work? Basically only non-free drivers could be different.
bme - 24.02.2007, 09:44 Uhr
the toshiba internal modem was not detected on sidux
Kano - 24.02.2007, 11:16 Uhr
I guess it is ltmodem. That's non-free.

m-a a-i ltmodem
vilde - 03.03.2007, 16:52 Uhr
I'm looking forward to test a new version of Kanotix
Pumpino - 13.03.2007, 02:35 Uhr
Kano, will Kanotix be based on Ubuntu rather than Etch? Looks like you're using a customised kernel though if you're doing kernel development. Are we looking at weeks or months before a release will be made available? Thanks.
Bill - 13.03.2007, 15:35 Uhr
I hope Kanotix will use the KDE desktop and not GNOME.
freshmeadow - 13.03.2007, 21:42 Uhr
Titel: Re : Kanotix and the KDE desktop.
Greetings from Guelph (13 degrees celsius right now!) I'm with you on that one. I much prefer KDE, and the IT manager where I work agrees that KDE is much more developed than Gnome.
Crest - 13.03.2007, 22:20 Uhr
Titel: RE: Re : Kanotix and the KDE desktop.
I don't see a reason why Kano should switch to Gnome and nearly noone here wants that. And btw, we had 19 degrees Celsius today Winken
Daddy-G - 13.03.2007, 23:53 Uhr
Yes Kanotix has switched from sid to etch. But I think there is no special relationship between etch and gnome. (and sid and kde) Don't see that Kano is a friend of gnome.
(btw 16 today, 550m NN, 5 km to black forest) Winken
dannyc - 28.03.2007, 06:22 Uhr
i too am a Kanotix kde fan ...
can't wait for the next realease .

this distro is rock solid .
i have wandered away to : sabayon , mandriva , and sidux ... but ,
i keep comeing back to Kanotix

thank you all involved in the devolpment , distribution and forums of
this awesome distro ... you rock

(btw 18c in socal today)
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