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kanix - 27.02.2007, 11:35 Uhr
Titel: isdn management
I'd like to manage my isdn connection with a Fritz AVM internal pci card. It works fine but I don't know how to switch from the actual configuration with 2 channels at 64 kb to the faster one with 1 channel at 128 kb, and viceversa. Is there a kanotix-debian tool or I have to edit any configuration file ?
Many thanks!
Kano - 28.02.2007, 00:18 Uhr
Titel: RE: isdn management
it would work without editing and using multilink as option or you can add multilink at the end of the config and dial in twice with pon or pppd dial.
kanix - 01.03.2007, 10:57 Uhr
Thank you, kano!
I insert now multilink option in /etc/ppp/peers/isdn/avm (I don't see whereverelse I can enable it Verlegen) and have two channels on kanotix actually. But the main goal was the chance of only one channel using the band of both joined, using the whole isdn "speed" ...Auf den Arm nehmen, as we can do with AVM Windows tool. Comparing a download: windows 1 channel unified 15,5 kb speed - linux with multilink option (1 or 2 channels on is quite the same) about 9-9,5 (12 - 7,5 as limits) using iceweasel.
Kano - 01.03.2007, 11:27 Uhr
Well you can try kill one of those pppd thread, most likely the higher number to go back to single channel.

pidof pppd

Also your test it stupid, better use

wget -Nc url

to see what speed is used, webbrowsers never have correct speed values.
kanix - 05.03.2007, 08:19 Uhr
When I kill one of the 2 pppd, It's impossible to use the net connection further, although ifconfig says that a ppp is on.
Kano - 05.03.2007, 08:25 Uhr
maybe try

route add default ppp0

after that
kanix - 05.03.2007, 09:06 Uhr
Sigh! Traurig This last step turns me simply to one channel at 64 k again.
Maybe should we need an old-fashioned configuration type like this:http://www.linux-france.org/article/connex/ISDN/ipppd.html?
kanix - 08.05.2007, 13:12 Uhr
I realized now I was wrong in adding multilink line into /etc/ppp/peers/avm, but It should be into
/etc/ppp/peers/your_provider. Now I have easily multilink with bundled channels.
Thank you, Kano, it was your first reply ... Verlegen
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