Anything goes - KNOPPIX 5.2.0 available (German-only)

Daniele - 26.03.2007, 12:08 Uhr
Titel: KNOPPIX 5.2.0 available (German-only)
This is a special, German-only edition designed for the CeBIT exhibition.

Download it from LinuxTracker (torrent):

http://www.linuxtracker.org/download.ph ... so.torrent

Mr Klaus Knopper has also announced that a public release, version 5.2.1, will follow soon, probably in April (also in English? I would think so)
Daddy-G - 26.03.2007, 14:59 Uhr
Titel: KNOPPIX 5.2.0 available (German-only)
The english forum knopper.net was a little late with the news, there was a diskussion in the german knoppix forum before (http://www.elearnit.de/knoppix/forum/).
A huge packet listand a lot of nice things, but as a live-dvd it's slow. I'll try it later with CD. First release of the new installer seems to be buggy, perhaps with 5.2.1 it will improve.
Daniele - 26.03.2007, 15:31 Uhr
I'll also wait for 5.2.1.
While I can read German reasonably well, I still prefer English, I am much more used to it (to some extent even more so than Italian).
eco2geek - 26.03.2007, 18:25 Uhr
Titel: Changing the language is easy
The cheatcodes "lang=us keyboard=us" work. (The default keyboard layout is German, so "=" is shift-0, and the "y" and "z" keys are reversed.) Once you get into KDE, you might have to go into kcontrol and change the language setting to English, but that's not difficult.

As before, the nice thing about the DVD is that it contains the kernel headers, so, if you have enough memory, you can use the "3d" cheatcode, install the proprietary nvidia driver, then use Beryl, all in live mode.
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