Hardware - moving files from corrupt ntfs drive to another ntfs drive

rjwmam - 02.05.2007, 07:40 Uhr
Titel: moving files from corrupt ntfs drive to another ntfs drive
I am a relative new to linux and have been sinking fast I am trying to recover about 50 gig of data from a corrupt ntfs drive to another ntfs drive using kanotix. I can see all the drives that i would like to access along with the data I want to recover but I am not able to just drag and drop the data to the other drive. When I do I get the error Could not make folder /media/backup/desktop. When I try to change permissions of the drives I get the error Could not change permissions for /media/Backup. I tried doing a sudo -s command at the terminal but I am still unable to copy the files from one drive to the other. The corrupt disk drive was not shut down properly and it is not accessable in windows any more. Prior to the drive crash my system was dual boot with ubuntu but ubuntu was on a different drive than my ntfs drive. If someone could please assist me I would be greatful. I will say that I may need a step by step process as I am not all too comfortable yet in linux.
Kano - 02.05.2007, 11:56 Uhr
Titel: moving files from corrupt ntfs drive to another ntfs drive
Use latest Knoppix for that purpose or a BartPE live cd. The ntfs-3g is too old on current Kanotix - you would have to update ntfs-3g first in order to get real ntfs writing speed. Also you do it wrong - you can not use the standard ntfs driver for that purpose, thats read only.
rjwmam - 02.05.2007, 14:22 Uhr
I have also tried using Knoppix 5.1 for this but I get the same results more or less. What program or utility should I use in Knoppix and what are the commands? Thank you.
Daniele - 04.05.2007, 01:28 Uhr
What I would do: I'd install Windows (not Vista, because it takes too much space) on the new partition and then go from there.
You could also use Acronis Partition Manager, delete the system files in your old partition (leave only the data) and reinstall Windows without formatting. If you want to use this method be very careful what you delete and what you leave.
There is also another possibility: if you can install Linux in another partition, reformat the empty NTFS partition to FAT32 and move your files to it. This will work provided that each of your files is no bigger than 4 Gig.
And finally you could just move your files to your new Linux partition (the easiest option for me): linux will be able to deal with most or all of your files. But for a new user this solution could be problematic.
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