Anything goes - AVG Free for Linux workstation released

freshmeadow - 05.05.2007, 02:06 Uhr
Titel: AVG Free for Linux workstation released
Greetings from Guelph. For anyone interested Grisoft has released AVG Free anti-virus scanner for Linux workstations. It is avaialble in a DEB package (and RPM also).
I know Bit Defender Console is excellent but, if you perfer having an intuitive GUI, AVG has one. I am trying it out now.
Cheers! Smilie
freshmeadow - 10.05.2007, 02:35 Uhr
Titel: RE: AVG Free for Linux workstation released
A further note. The easiest way to update your AVG virus signatures is to become root in a console and type avgupdate -o.
Daniele - 16.05.2007, 13:34 Uhr
Titel: RE: AVG Free for Linux workstation released
What is really new here is that they have released a .deb. Previously they had only an .rpm.
I tried to convert it with alien but I came across several problems.
freshmeadow - 17.05.2007, 20:27 Uhr
Titel: RE: AVG Free for Linux workstation released
Obviously Grisoft, like us Penguinistas, sees the future as a growing Linux world environment, and they are being proactive by releasing AVG Free in the 2 main Linux families, Debian and RPM.
kanotixkudos - 18.05.2007, 05:32 Uhr
Titel: RE: AVG Free for Linux workstation released

Thanks for this good news. This should help those migrating from windows; being able to use a linux version of this very popular windows antivirus program program.

drb - 18.05.2007, 12:11 Uhr
Has anyone ever found a virus on a Linux installed system (apart from something in a windows installed partition on the same PC)?

vilde - 19.05.2007, 15:31 Uhr
Why should I use antivirus on my Linux dist, except for protekting otherswindows systems?
Witwe_Bolte - 21.05.2007, 08:49 Uhr
@drb: Not in the recent 7 years.
Daddy-G - 21.05.2007, 09:57 Uhr
I haven't found any virus last years.
I have dualboot (with WXP for my job) but 95% I'm online with linux, most time to update virus-signatures . Winken
Bill - 21.05.2007, 21:26 Uhr
I use fprot with xfprot as a front end in Linux and Clamwin in windows. I have never had a virus in windows or Linux with my computers or my wife's computer. I use Kerio firewall in windows and
Guarddog in Linux plus have a firewall in my router which does not allow as many rules as I would like. I always block ports upd 1900, finger, 22, 23, 445, and 135 thru 139 and most icpm ports. Never use Internet Explorer or allow active x.
Cuddles - 24.05.2007, 07:50 Uhr
Just because you havent found any in Linux, doesnt mean you wont...

This is siding on caution, someday, if the virus creators are just going after the "popular" OS for attacks, as Linux gains some of the lion share, you might just see some for Linux.

If, on the other hand, the virus creators are specifically attacking the monolith that is MS, Linux will never see anything, unless Microsoft creates a Linux variation.

I think not seeing any virus' in Linux, is one of the reasons we "do" have virus protection. (just in case)

Just my thoughts,
freshmeadow - 24.05.2007, 16:52 Uhr
I am with you, Cuddles. If Linux becomes more popular, do you all not think some clever virus writer who wants to make a name for him or herself will not find a way eventually to attack Linux? Remember, they said the Titanic was unsinkable too!
DeepDayze - 05.07.2007, 13:33 Uhr
Kudos for AVG Smilie

Its a good idea to have an AV ready for Linux for the time when the malware writers turn their attention to Linux, as they already have started attacking the Mac. I use AVG on my Win2K system and I love it as it does its job well without any fancy-pants sort of stuff like Norton and McAfee.
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