Software - Iceweasel in Thorhammer will not intialize media plugins

freshmeadow - 06.09.2007, 20:16 Uhr
Titel: Iceweasel in Thorhammer will not intialize media plugins
Greetings. I have searched the forums but have not found this issue, at least in English. Iceweasel will not initialize media plugins for internet radio such as RealPlayer or Kaffeine, even though all plugins are shown in about:plugins as ready and available. Has anyone else had this issue?
All plugins will work in Konqueror, though.
Thank you.
ockham23 - 07.09.2007, 22:56 Uhr
Titel: Iceweasel in Thorhammer will not intialize media plugins
NPR (www.npr.org) has modified the audio links ("Listen" buttons) for All Things Considered and other programs. As a result, Iceweasel fails to launch realplayer as an external player even though file associations for .smil are correct. In order to make the "Listen" buttons work again, you have to
1. edit Iceweasel settings to allow pop-up windows from www.npr.org and to
2. copy ../Realplayer/Mozilla/nphelix.so to /usr/lib/iceweasel/plugins directory and ../Realplayer/Mozilla/nphelix.xpt to /usr/lib/iceweasel/components directory.

Iceweasel will now run realplayer as an internal player as expected by the launcher pop-up window.
freshmeadow - 08.09.2007, 02:07 Uhr
Thank you ockham23. I will do that. How do you like Thorhammer so far?
ockham23 - 08.09.2007, 07:10 Uhr
I installed it on my father's computer yesterday because it supports his oldish internal dsl modem. There was only one minor issue, and I was able to resolve it rather quickly. I am relieved that Kano is back in business. Thorhammer preserves the original LiveCD functionality that sidux dropped a while ago.

But I also use sidux. slh and his team are doing a great job. It's amazing how far they've come in just nine months.
freshmeadow - 08.09.2007, 17:44 Uhr
Titel: Thorhammer and media players
Thanks again, ocham23. Your solution worked like a charm.
I too am glad that Kano is back in business. I tried Kubuntu but found it a little too pre-packaged fro me. i like to tweak my own system, I am dual-booting with OpenSuse on a second hd.
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