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vilde - 15.09.2007, 23:19 Uhr
Titel: Good News
Finally a new release candidate, Great work all of you. Sehr glücklich
Cathbard - 17.09.2007, 12:52 Uhr
And it's pretty damn cool too. The nvidia cheatcode is a pearler and acritox's installer kicks arse. And all those backported apps!!!
Well done guys, very impressed.
ockham23 - 17.09.2007, 13:48 Uhr
And it's Cathbard's design, no beige at all! Winken
vilde - 17.09.2007, 20:13 Uhr

And all those backported apps

Can anyone tell me wath backported is/means?
ockham23 - 17.09.2007, 20:33 Uhr
The software development for Debian stable (etch) was stopped in April. Since then, newer versions of various programs have been released for use with sid, the unstable branch of Debian. Backporting means to modify these newer packages to achieve full compatibility with etch.
shadowcr - 18.09.2007, 15:13 Uhr
Which apps were backported? Is there a list available?
Cathbard - 19.09.2007, 19:07 Uhr
And check out your wine. It's later than the one in sid. Its been a dream to use. This version of wine has squished some serious bugs.
shadowcr - 19.09.2007, 20:42 Uhr
Thanks for the pointer.
I wonder if Openoffice or KOffice will make it into backports eventually.
jml - 25.09.2007, 02:12 Uhr
Titel: congratulations
I too wish to congratulate all involved with the development and release of RC6. I am new to this forum but not to Linux, playing with it since 1999. This beta is more stable than many distro's "gold code"!

Kano, assuming nothing unexpected turns up in this release, when do you anticipate the final release of this distro? Just curious. Again, congratulations.

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