Installation - random 'freeze-up' after install of Thorhammer rc-6 Solved

marvinudy - 20.09.2007, 02:50 Uhr
Titel: random 'freeze-up' after install of Thorhammer rc-6 Solved
Installed Thorhammer rc-6 on a 21Gb partition on a 2nd SATA WD-160GB hard drive with no problem. Copied and added the Grub 'menu.lst' entry from Thorhammer to my 'working' Grub 'menu.lst and rebooted into Kanotix. Random freezes occured for no apparent reason and required a reboot. I edited the ''grub 'menu..lst' entry for Kanotix by substituting /dev/sdb7 (my Kanotix partition) for the UUID root= entry. Also deleted the 'noapic' and 'noapm' from the Grub 'menu.lst' entry. Not sure which change actually fixed the problem but no 'freezes' in 48 hours.


Intel c2d 6420, 2-WD SATA drives, 2Gb GSkill 6400 memory, GB-965P-DS3 motherboard, PNY NVidia 7300GT pcie video and LiteOn SATA dvd/cd rw drive.
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