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anvilhead - 01.10.2007, 05:21 Uhr
Titel: Laptop fan always running
Hi guys,

I'm loving Kanotix 2007, but the fan on my laptop is always running. (With the OS-that-must-not-be-named, it runs only occasionally.) How can I control that?

I see no Power Settings in the K Control Center. KPowersave is in my system tray, but it just shows info & doesn't allow changes. Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks, a.
anvilhead - 01.10.2007, 07:39 Uhr
Titel: RE: Laptop fan always running
I was wrong---it's not running all the time, but it does stay on for unusually long periods. I think I just need to adjust the temperature setting. How can I do that?
Kano - 01.10.2007, 11:55 Uhr
Titel: RE: Laptop fan always running
Ask your BIOS.
anvilhead - 02.10.2007, 11:21 Uhr
Titel: Re: RE: Laptop fan always running
Kano hat folgendes geschrieben::
Ask your BIOS.

Yes, that seems like the obvious thing, but it's a laptop, and you know how dumb laptop BIOS's usually are. No sensor stuff in this one...

It's okay, though, I'm getting used to it. I just thought there might be a quick, easy answer, since Linux lets you control almost everything. Winken

[added 13Feb08] The fan is running all the time now.
DeepDayze - 02.10.2007, 13:45 Uhr
Titel: RE: Re: RE: Laptop fan always running
Broken DSDT maybe? Many laptops have rather buggy DSDT's and BIOS's

Here's some stuff about it (from Gentoo):
anvilhead - 13.02.2008, 08:31 Uhr
Titel: RE: Re: RE: Laptop fan always running
Thanks, DeepDayze. I checked that page, hoping it might be something a normal human (i.e. non-computer scientist) could fix. No such luck. Disassembling DSDT, examining the ACPI driver code, analying recompile errors...

I'm afraid I don't have time to learn the code-level subtleties of power management. It's like getting a degree in accounting so you can use the cash machine at the bank... I guess Kanotix will have to be a "loud" OS for me, unless someone thinks of a less-geeky solution.
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