Anything goes - A belated hooray for ETCH!

blackbelt_jones - 03.10.2007, 14:51 Uhr
Titel: A belated hooray for ETCH!
I just hosed my system because I assumed that Kanotix was still based on Sid, and I tried to add unstable repositories. Well, it was worth having to reinstall because kanotix-etch is exactly what I need right now. I've been trying to get etch to work on this computer for a month. but it doesn't have the hardware detection I need for this machine, with it's added graphics card, and I don't have the skills to make up the difference.

I've run Sid before. The advantages of running the latest software never seem to come anywhere close to the disadvantages of taking your system's life in your hands with each upgrade. I've seen where some have posted their displeasure with the change, and I just wanted to add my voice. This is looking like exactly what I needed to get exactly what I wanted on this machine, and it solves a thorny and frustrating problem.
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