Hardware - Can't install nvidia driver.

harrys - 29.10.2007, 16:59 Uhr
Titel: Can't install nvidia driver.
Just installed RC6B. Sadly, can't install the nvidia driver. I ran the "install-nvidia-debian.sh" script and it wouldn't connect to the script website. After 12 connection tries I gave up. Any suggestions?

Harry S
Kano - 29.10.2007, 17:38 Uhr
Titel: Can
Show me

infobash -v

to see what driver would be used.
harrys - 29.10.2007, 19:09 Uhr
Titel: Can't install nvidia driver.
Thanks for the fast response Kano.

~$ infobash -v
Host/Kernel/OS "greenbox2" running Linux 2.6.22-10-kanotix i686 [ KANOTIX 2007 Thorhammer ]
CPU Info AMD Athlon 64 3000+ clocked at [ 1000.000 MHz ]
Videocard nVidia G73 [GeForce 7600 GS] X.Org 7.1.1 [ 1280x1024 @60hz ]
Processes 103 | Uptime 1min | Memory 118.6/1010.4MB | HDD Size 160GB (1%used) | Client Shell | Infobash v2.67

Above is the infobash. Same machine as when I ran the nvidia script a few weeks ago on RC6. Everything worked fine then. Not so with the 6B. For whatever reason the script just won't connect to the nvidia site this time around.

Harry S
Kano - 29.10.2007, 20:49 Uhr
Titel: Can
Well I changed the server for some time to connect to the us one. Usually the de one is faster. If you like change




in the script.
harrys - 30.10.2007, 15:35 Uhr
Titel: Yes I can install nvidia driver
Woe is me! My "Problem" was not an nvidia problem after all. There is nothing wrong with the script address.

That said, the "Problem" was only a symptom of the real problem.

I was able to connect to nvidia.de and install the driver after altering the static IP DNS addresses in the Control Panel network configuration. Sadly, after reboot, these settings disappear.

I was able to access and use the forum from Kanotix only because the automatic DHCP setup provided a correct secondary DNS, but I could not access the Nvidia site because I needed the primary DNS.

Apparently what I need is DHCP server configuration which allows for static ISP DNS. I'm not sure if the Kanotix network setup tool allows me to do that - I'll go back and look at it later. If not, I'll need to manually edit configuration files if I can find them - they've got to be there somewhere.

Anyway, the initial phony "problem" SOLVED! Now on to the real problem. . . .

Harry S
Kano - 30.10.2007, 15:42 Uhr
Titel: Yes I can install nvidia driver
Well you can only use static ips if you disable network-manager:

To disable:

update-rc.d -f network-manager remove
update-rc.d -f network-manager-dispatcher remove

To reenable you would use:

update-rc.d -f network-manager start 26 2 3 4 5 . stop 14 0 1 6 .
update-rc.d -f network-manager-dispatcher start 26 2 3 4 5 . stop 14 0 1 6 .
harrys - 30.10.2007, 16:07 Uhr
Titel: RE: Yes I can install nvidia driver
Thanks Kano! By the way, do you ever sleep?

I'll log back in to Kanotix later after my wife gets done with her Skype calls, email, and whatever else she does. Please note the perils of one computer with two hard drives. However that problem will soon be solved. I'm buying her her very own laptop as an early Christmas present. Am debating with myself about leaving it with Vista (I'll never have to use it.), or installing some flavor of Linux. Probably I'll go with Linux if the delivery truck comes while she's at work. If she knows it's here and insists on Windows she can worry about virus protection, blue screens, etc. Then I'll install Linux after it goes belly up.

Harry S
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