General Support - How do I make my own Live CD?

AJones - 01.01.2008, 12:02 Uhr
Titel: How do I make my own Live CD?
Hi Folks:

I have two questions.

1. How do I make my own Installable Live CD from my Kanotix HD installation?

2. If I have downloaded some software through apt-get install. I remove that software using dpkg -r package. How do I use apt-get to install the same package from /var/cache/apt/arechives/package. When I use apt-get install [Same PAckage], It tries to download all over again. I just want to be able to use apt-get into install from /var/cache/apt/archives. How do I do that?

ockham23 - 01.01.2008, 12:20 Uhr
#2: From man sources.list: deb file:/home/jason/debian stable main contrib non-free

Adapt it to your needs, but test it with the LiveCD first (use cheat code unionfs to make the file system rw).
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