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roger - 06.01.2008, 11:01 Uhr
Titel: Toshiba A135 S2386 & Biostar GeForce 6100 M9/amd 64 X2
Many Thanks, Kano & all, for RC7!!

Finally on my Biostar desktop, broken since kernel 2.6.11, your 2.6.24 kernel supports my USB PGENET10 lan with Kaweth driver. However it crashed a short time later locking the machine so there is no data to collect and send to you. I will work with this installation some more.

ALSO, congratulations and THANKS for my Toshiba laptop. You have the only version I've tried that supports the wifi card from boot up. However, I have yet to find how to insert my encryption correctly. It also crashed dead on one occassion after finding the wifi signal and connecting ( I had removed the encryption for that test ). I will work with the laptop some more also.

The Toshiba laptop was new last June 2007 and came with Vista Home installed. I downgraded to XP but it was not easy to find drivers and Toshiba has made changes to the Bios so that XP won't recognize or work the special function keys, for instance XP won't adjust the screen brightness nor will RC 7 adjust it either. Vista will. The Toshiba has ATI Radeon video drivers.

Anyway many thanks ... if I can help in any way just tell me.

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