Kanotix Requests - IBM Thinkpad Internal Modem

darose - 10.01.2008, 03:31 Uhr
Titel: IBM Thinkpad Internal Modem
My older laptop is an IBM Thinkpad 570 with an internal 56k motherboard modem, I believe a winmodem. I have been using Kanotix from 2005-04 and it detects and uses the modem in this machine wonderfully, no hiccups or problems of any kind that I can see. I have tried other Linux distros and no other one detects this modem that I can find.

So I was disappointed when I found that the newest distro from Xmas 2007 did not support this modem either.

I wonder if it would be possible to add support for this type of modem as the old Kanotix had. I am sure that if it did, all Thinkpad users would be in your debt.
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