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dptxp - 13.02.2008, 12:11 Uhr
Titel: New to kanotix
I am using sidux and ubuntu. I am pretty impressed by both, for different reasons. Planning to try kanotix (I need a stable distro on a machine for work).

I am downloading the RC7 version now, the best way to evaluate a distro.

Now since the manual is antique, I have a few questions-

1) There are conflicting information on the Distro on which kanotix is based. Ubuntu OR Debian Etch ? What repos does one use by default ? Does one have to upgrade on regular basis like sidux (there I plan once every month) ? I am looking for a solid OS, was planning to wait for Lenny.

2) Can one upgrade straight to a new version when it is released ? You can theoretically in Ubuntu, but many break their systems.

3) Why do we not have a final release of kanotix ? Shall it always remain RC ?

4) Do we have a package manager or use apt-get only ?

I see many members here who are in sidux forums too (some in ubuntu forums too). Not surprising though. Nice to see known names everywhere.
Daddy-G - 13.02.2008, 13:56 Uhr
Hi dptxp

welcome to Kanotix !

1. Kanotix is based on Debian Etch and has additional own thorhammer backports. The Kernel is a Ubuntu Kernel with Modifikations and some patches. Have a look to the last Release Announcement. You can't mix Kanotix-sources with "testing", "sid" or "ubuntu" sources.

2. Yes you can upgrade straight to the newest version. Download newest Thorhammer RC7, dist-upgrade and upgrade to the newest kernel.

3. I don't know. Perhaps a "Final" was planned at the end of last year and Kano wasn't satisfied. (That seems to be very difficult) There is a common opinion that a Kanotix-Thorhammer-RC is more stable than a final elsewhere. (I can confirm this, I tried other debians too, once installed, it was the most stable of all, needed never "upgrade-warnings" and other terrible things Winken )

4. Kanotix comes with kpackage, you can also download und use synaptic. I sometimes used synaptic to install some single applications without problems. But never dist-upgrade with package manager ! Only use "apt-get dist-upgrade" in init 3 (the debian - not the ubuntu way !)

Yes, there are a lot of some Kanotix-members in other linux forums. They have the experience
dptxp - 13.02.2008, 17:45 Uhr
Thanks a lot Daddy-G.

I have actually been waiting for a Final since I saw RC6 on website. I went for sidux (I see you too there). Found it impressive, it is damn fast. I am keeping it.

But I need something very stable for my work, the work is software development (embedded and now I plan to learn Linux well and program in it) and I need to test first on a reliable OS. sidux is working fine but any upgrade can break my system at anytime. They have 'Hold' option, I have to read that part again.

Ubuntu Gutsy was a disaster, started with 5 minute boot time after installation which had to corrected with "nosplash" (though the new kernel made my ENE card-reader work). I retained Feisty on my desktop. The laptop is my learning tool and I somehow feel that I need a distro that uses the stable stuff.

So I use 3 Linux distros now - ubuntu, sidux and now kanotix.
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