Anything goes - Happy Camper!

wh7qq - 16.02.2008, 23:30 Uhr
Titel: Happy Camper!
Thanks again to Kano for this great distro. I have been struggling to get my old Compaq 1692 happy. It is a laptop with a K-6 II at 433 mhz , 192 meg memory and a 6 gig hd. I loaded Thorhammer RC7 without a problem and then wen't to work tuning and pruning. Out went OO and an lot of other stuff including desktop and boot graphics and in came Abiword, Gnumeric, KStars, and more and it all runs at reasonable (if not fast) speed so long as I don't try to run too much stuff at the same time. The key to happiness is keeping the memory loading below the swap threshold. My setup with kde but no applications running is using 50 M (23 in runlevel 3) and with Iceweasel it rises up into the 60's. I have wireless working with a Netgear WG111T usb dongle...ndiswrapper worked great but had to do it by hand because multiple .inf files are needed.

I was not able to get it this nice by going from a minimal etch install. Kanotix is great!
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