Installation - Seamonkey and iceape both?

ryancw - 24.03.2008, 13:45 Uhr
Titel: Seamonkey and iceape both?
Still exploring Kanotix, but I notice some things about iceape that I don't like as much as Seamonkey. Ex: no search box at the top of the iceape window; and I have read that iceape has less in the way of support for addins/extensions.

Can I download and install Seamonkey directly from the Seamonkey website, and have both it and iceape on my machine, and run either (not simultaneously, of course)? Any conflicts? Thanks.
Kano - 24.03.2008, 17:51 Uhr
Titel: Seamonkey and iceape both?
Just uninstall iceape and extract seamonkey in your home.
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