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harrisfm - 24.03.2008, 18:41 Uhr
Titel: repositories
can anyone help me,i need some repos for the latest thorhammer release,i have tried to install mandvd to burn a few films and it installs and says missinglame,mjpegtools,netpbm,transcode, i tried searching for these using synaptic and it says there not in repos,i also tried (in terminal) apt-get install **censored** again not in repos,,,please can anyone help me please
Kano - 24.03.2008, 19:14 Uhr
Titel: repositories
You have to use the etch repository for debian multimedia.
harrisfm - 24.03.2008, 19:18 Uhr
Titel: RE: repositories
Thanx kano,your distro is superb,i have used a lot of different distros and yours is deffinantly brilliant,and thanx for quick reply will try etch repos and see how that goes,will let you know,
harrisfm - 24.03.2008, 20:13 Uhr
Titel: RE: repositories
yup all good kano thx for advice, regards Darren
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