Software - Disk permission: vmserver can't read part. sba

grumpshappy - 14.05.2008, 21:50 Uhr
Titel: Disk permission: vmserver can't read part. sba
I'm using vmserver 1.05 to create an image of a w2k system on sda1. The server can't read the partitions on sba disk. The first instruction was to unmount the sda1 partition. I unmounted the disk and commented the line in fstab. The attempt to make the image failed. After the error, I remounted sda1 by removeing the # in fstab and rebooting. Permission to sba still denied. I checked permission of sda at /dev/sda. It is rw-. I assume this means no read and write permission. How do I edit this permission? What should the permission be so that the one user and root both have read and write permission? I'm using Kanotix 2007 rc7.

Kano - 14.05.2008, 21:52 Uhr
Titel: Disk permission: vmserver can
What you are trying is the biggest crap you can do! Learn to use ntfsclone and forget everything about vmware in that case! The partition should be umounted while you back it up.

man ntfsclone
grumpshappy - 15.05.2008, 00:11 Uhr
I did a search on ntfsclone. Its appear be another program to make a disk image like ping and ghost. I don't under stand what ntfsclone has to do with a virtual machine. I'm trying to build virtual machine using a a physical disk
and run windows under linux. How do I change the disk permission so that the vmware server can read the partition information of sda while runing under my user name?

I sorry for not being clear with my question.

Kano - 15.05.2008, 10:20 Uhr
chmod 666 /dev/sdX
grumpshappy - 15.05.2008, 16:43 Uhr
Thank you very much!!!

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