Software - need: modprobe and snd-seq-midi

grumpshappy - 23.05.2008, 00:18 Uhr
Titel: need: modprobe and snd-seq-midi
Where can I find the package to install "modprobe"? Where can I find "snd-seq-midi"?

grumpshappy - 23.05.2008, 19:31 Uhr
initially tried this command

sudo modprobe snd-seq-midi

Received an error that command not found.

After much googling, I found that su and sudo give you the root permissions with your user environment NOT the root enviroment.

To get root envionment

sudo chvt 1

log in as root

modprobe snd-seq-midi

log out

turn computer off and back on and relog in

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