Hardware - Installing Microtek scanmaker 6000

grumpshappy - 27.05.2008, 19:02 Uhr
Titel: Installing Microtek scanmaker 6000
I've searched the internet to no avail. Does any one know how to install this scanner on Linux.

grumpshappy - 30.05.2008, 19:26 Uhr
I installed the scan wizard5 (windows drivers) on wine. There was gillion permission errors

My next try is to copy an existing windows instalation into a wine bottle. This probably needs to be done as root. Wine is installed under my user name. Can I run that as root? If so, what terminal commands are needed?

If not, then I'll install a second copy of wine as root. Will these two win instalations interfer wit each other?

Kano - 30.05.2008, 21:04 Uhr
Forget wine, you can use VirtualBox with USB support or buy another scanner:

http://www.sane-project.org/lists/sane- ... Z-MICROTEK
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