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niglo99 - 05.06.2008, 15:12 Uhr
Titel: Eee 701
Just got an Eee. Can't find anything relevant in English (have no German).

Has anyone put Kanotix on an Eee?

Any ideas, recommendations, things to avoid very welcome!
Kano - 05.06.2008, 15:56 Uhr
Titel: Eee 701
You can install it via usb stick or via pxe boot. Ask in IRC for more info.
niglo99 - 05.06.2008, 16:06 Uhr
Titel: RE: Eee 701
Can't do IRC -- can we create something more permanent? Have external USB DVD drive and Thorhammer CD.

Issues for me are drivers and avoiding unnecessary read/writes, otherwise I think it'll be straightforward enough. Winken

Then there's just the trickery of making it boot up faster.
Kano - 05.06.2008, 19:01 Uhr
Titel: RE: Eee 701
Well best would be you boot with


boot option to use fullsize of your display. After install you have to update the madwifi driver for you WLAN with a special patched one.


That should be the main change to get online with it. Be sure you use rightclick on network-manager icon to configure wlan after install of new driver + reboot.
niglo99 - 05.06.2008, 21:21 Uhr
Thanks for that.

Any ideas about preserving the flash drive? I thought ext2 to avoid the re-writes a journalling filesystem would entail, no swap partition (not enough space, anyway!), but I believe there are mount options which try to keep flash alive for longer.

Apart from the small drive device, I've put modern Linuxes on less powerful machines and I may upgrade the memory to 2gig.

These little sub-notebooks seem to be becoming very popular: everything a big notebook has, without the hastle of dragging round a bulky, heavy, expensive peice of kit. The Acer equivalent of the Asus looks very nice, too.

They're too good for Xandros!

Unless the latest upgrade fixes my WiFi, I'll be installing at the weekend.
harryhood - 06.06.2008, 00:19 Uhr
Titel: noatime
I use RC7 as a LiveCD with a persistent /home on a USB stick.
To help the stick last a bit longer, I edited fstab:

/dev/sdb1 /media/sdb1 vfat noauto,users,exec,noatime,umask=000,shortname=mixed,quiet,utf8,uid=kanotix,gid=1000 0 0

Apparently, when Linux "reads" a file, it also "writes" to it to update the last time it was accessed?
Anyhow, I found out about it on the Ubuntu forums. I think I've
edited fstab right....
niglo99 - 06.06.2008, 00:48 Uhr
Titel: RE: noatime
That's it! noatime was what I was looking for! Good man!
niglo99 - 08.06.2008, 16:57 Uhr
Update! I'm stuck. Traurig

The update DVD for the Eee went on OK, but did not fix the DHCP issue. I know it went on, because the latest Xandros lunacy of using Windows style mount points: A, D, E and so on is evident.

I moved the following here, thinking it more appropriate!

So, Kanotix, save my Eee!

Problem is, that the usual cheatcodes options do not display correctly: I get a wierd little screen with error and gibberish on it as a sort of pop up, and the Eee boots up into a German screen with German keyboard. The desktop itself re-sizes correctly, but application screens are far too big.

Of course, I can sort the keyboard out (although it would be so nice to have English UK as one of the default options: Kano, most of the English speaking world do not use US Keyboards! -- I know, the KDE community believes otherwise, but they are wrong!) but after that I'm stuck.

From a running Kanotix, how do I change language and screensize?

This now moved here: http://forum.kanotix.net/index.php?name ... 274#162274
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