Installation - change system language (& kde language) in running Kanot

niglo99 - 08.06.2008, 18:04 Uhr
Titel: change system language (& kde language) in running Kanot
So, Kanotix, save my Eee!

Problem is, that the usual cheatcodes options do not display correctly: I get a wierd little screen with error and gibberish on it as a sort of pop up, and the Eee boots up into a German screen with German keyboard. The desktop itself re-sizes correctly, but application screens are far too big.

Of course, I can sort the keyboard out (although it would be so nice to have English UK as one of the default options: Kano, most of the English speaking world do not use US Keyboards! -- I know, the KDE community believes otherwise, but they are wrong!) but after that I'm stuck.

From a running Kanotix, how do I change language and screensize?
niglo99 - 08.06.2008, 19:03 Uhr
Have Kde in English.

Now I think I need some way of setting the screensize to 800x480.

Getting there!
niglo99 - 08.06.2008, 19:50 Uhr
Ah well, install failed big time! Left with a grub prompt on re-boot, nothing else. Lots of garbled German error messages on install and a freeze at 13%. Which seemed to resolve itself.

Strange, as it seemed OK (almost useable apart from the screen and language issues) as a running live CD.
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